The look of two newspapers

The look of two newspapers

Both Kom Chad Luek and The Nation are publications of the Nation Group. thought it would be interesting to compare the front page of these two newspaper published by the same company, but targeting very different markets.


The Nation (left - estimated circulation 50,000) leads today with an interview and article about the Prime Minister that emphasizes the pressure he is allegedly under. It also has an article about attacks in the South. Its colorful and uncluttered front page has the prevailing style of many international English-language papers.

Kom Chad Luek (below - estimated circulation 700,000) is intended to compete with sensational mass market papers like ThaiRath. It is only three years old and already among the top four Thai newspapers in terms of circulation. Many younger readers find this paper interesting.

Kom Chad Luek uses the same giant ladle photo (from the annual vegetarian festival), but leads with a screaming Thai-style banner headline, complete with a bloody map of the South showing the location of attacks. The headline reads "One night--14 incidents. Bombs, shootings, robbing the district police station. Two dead--a policeman and a volunteer."

Below the fold, the Southern trouble continues with photos of a bomb squad officier defusing a bomb, a police vehicle with a broken window, and a military man on patrol.

The design of the page is classic Thai-language newspaper style, packing as much info, headlines, and advertising as possible on the front page. This design allows passersby to read the main items by looking at the paper hanging up or laying on a newsstand. More Kom Chad Luek headlines in our Thai-language newspaper headlines below.
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