Thai-language newspapers – October 13, 2004

Kom Chad Luek - October 13, 2004

* A young student in grade 11 was dragged to be raped by a young employee of a plastic factory. She fought him strongly and bit 1/2 inch off his tongue.

* The latest trend in youth behavior in Chaiyapoom province is to have a big penis. Some novices even set themselves up like a doctor to give enlarging injections and charge 500 baht.

* Wichet, deputy secretary of TRT party, releases news that there is a group wanting to overthrow Thaksin. He claims “the hooded man“ backs this up and wakes up all the mobs to move on an important day in October. [TRT has been sounding these warnings about possible trouble for a couple weeks now. “The hooded man“ (ai mong) is a common Thai phrase. Later the article mentions politicians who lost power and businessmen who lost profit as being disgruntled. "Important day in October" is probably October 14, the 31st anniversary of the uprising that toppled the dictatorship. It is not likely anything would be attempted on a hallowed day like October 23, Chualongkorn Day.]

Thairath - October 13, 2004

* At a Familymart branch Chumchon Ram, a Ramkumhaeng University student and part-time seller had her neck cut terribly and died. Police are investigating.

* Thaksin said at the meeting of TRT that if TRT wins the next election he will not get Mahachon Party to join the government because Mahachon deceives Esarn people and come from the Democrat Party . Esarn people do not want the Democrat party anymore.

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