Thai-language newspapers – October 12, 2004

Matichon - October 12, 2004

* To make people in the world know more about Asia, Mr. Wisanu, Deputy Prime Minister, discussed with his Malaysian counterpart the idea to produce the TV drama “The Love Story of Thai-Malay” to show the culture and tourism of both countries.

* Workers will gather for a rally on October 14 [anniversary of the uprising the toppled the dictatorship in 1973] in front of government house asking to increase the minimum wage to 200 baht.

* Yesterday, Ms.Supinya Klangnarong, the secretary of the Campaign for Media Reform, paid respect to the shrine in front of the Southern Bangkok Civil Court before she appeared in court to face the charges of Shin Corp in their libel suit against her. Only her mother accompanied her.

Thairath - October 12, 2004

* A livestock official in Prachinburi province claims it was diarrhea that killed pigs [not bird flu]. The Ministry of Public Health alerts the public that the bird flu outbreak continues.

* The result of a DNA test confirms that the piece of finger in Naem “Yaowapa” belongs to the Ms. Jarassri, a worker.

* A young guy is addicted to computer games, but has no money so he robbed the Bangkok Bank, Nongzang branch in Saraburi province. He was arrested because he did not know how to open the strong box in the safe and the alarm rang.

* Superman is dead. Christopher Reeve, the super man who sat in a wheel chair for 10 years, has died of a heart attack.

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