Thai-language newspapers – October 11, 2004

Matichon - October 11, 2004

* A new generation of students cheat their parents, make fake registration documents for study, and keep the education fee. After that they beg money from parents for shopping and entertainment.

* An award named “Charoen Wataksorn” is given to the best community radio show [Charoen Wataksorn was an activist who led protests that halted the construction of the Bo Nok coal-fired power plant and was murdered on June 21, 2004. Being involved in protesting mega-projects in the provinces is often met with retribution.]. This year “Khon Hakthin” [People who love their land] from Udonthani province won it for reporting on the case of a potash mine.

* A mob of caddies have a problem with the new rule of Pinehurst Golf Course that bans the short, fat, and old from being caddies. They plan to submit a letter to “Pa U” [Uraiwan Tienthong, the Minister of Labour] to protect their rights. [Pinehurst is a favorite golf course of the Prime Minister and his family--like in Malaysia, the media watch who is the PM's golfing partners to judge who is important in government or which business leaders will be 'lucky.']

Thaipost - October 11, 2004
* [There appears to be no mention of the Shin Corp charge hearing in Monday's Thaipost.]

Thairath - October 11, 2004

* The killers who shot the son of a policeman in Pattani are arrested. One of the killers confesses they are the same team that killed the judge earlier. [The Nation reports that the Prime Minister is claiming this and that the suspects deny it.]

* The Ministry of Public Health is upset and objects that Philippines sets up bird flu screening for passengers who arrive from Thailand.

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