Thai-language newspapers – October 8, 2004

Matichon - October 8, 2004

* Dr.Suchai, the new Deputy Minister of Public Health “opens the war” against bird flu. He is confident he can control it. The Education Ministry orders schools to stop serving chicken.

* The government will organize the People's Congress to explain what they have done and listen to critics and suggestions on November 6-8 at Impact Muang Thong Thani.

* The Police Senior Sergeant Major who killed two English tourists surrenders after lying low at the border with Burma. He accused that he was injured by the Englishman first and received a broken a rib and nose.

Thairath - October 8, 2004

* Mrs. Penkhae Thongon, a 51-year-old worker at Wiworn Intertrading (exporter of tuna) fell in a boiling pot of tuna fish while she mopped the floor. She was seriously injured and died later at hospital.

* Three prisoners at Bangkwang, Nontaburi killed an old prisoner in the same cell who was serving life imprisonment yesterday morning. One of the killers said he did it because he disliked that man.

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