Thai-language newspapers – October 1, 2004

Matichon - October 1, 2004

* The advisor of WHO does not believe the bird flu can be controlled in 1 month. A recent case is of a woman who ate duck in Ayuthaya got sick--she is being watched.

* Thaksin declares he will 'close the game.' He will try to stop the deep crisis in the south by reorganizing the system and strategies for solving the problems

* Democrat Party raps the government drivel of talking about a coup. Maew [Thaksin‘s nickname] tells his ministers to accelerate the plan for the next four years. He hires his son's studio to take photos for the election. He refuses to comment on the coup talk.

Thairath - October 1, 2004

* Three ponoh students who sneak on to a military base in Yalawas are shot and injured.

* A facial massager, employee of Face and Figure salon, steals a customer credit card to buy things such as 3 mobiles phones, 6 glasses and 4 watches which all total 50,000 baht. Finally he is arrested.

* Chuwit avoids embarrassment in the case of beating his wife. He says that it is a domestic problem and he apologized to his wife already.

* After monitoring the Naem Yaowapa Factory and worker conditions, a doctor in Songkhla said it passes the standard of GMP and there has been no history of complaints at the factory. [A woman found part of a human finger in food produced at the factory--see the September 29, 2004 news.]

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