Thai-language newspapers – September 30, 2004

Kom Chad Luek - September 30, 2004

* Ms. Zorida Salvara, secretary of the Elephant Foundation, reveals that a baby elephant wandered far from home. Missing its mom, it died of tension. 42 NGOs join to prevent the selling of elephants to zoos around the world.

* Thaksin is tense about the coup news. The PM did not deny the news of the underground movement plan a coup d’etat. He said “it is the internal matter of the party,” but members of TRT worry about the “rebels of September 9“ [see note below] who might wake up and participate with the 'Silom mob' [term to describe the middle class business people that helped bring down the Chaowalit government after the financial crisis of 1997]. The Democrat party leader, Mr. Bunyat, said the Government talks big about coups, but it‘s no longer the time for coups anymore.

[“Rebels of September 9“ refers to the "Young Turks" who attempted to overthrow the Prem government on September 9, 1985. At the time, current billionaire and government critic Ekkayuth was in exile, having fled the country after an alleged pyramid scheme collapsed. Ekkayuth was often mentioned in the press as a suspect in the coup plot since coup leader Colonel Manoon was considered not to have the influence or financial resources to mount a coup. The failed coup was the bloodiest ever with 59 injured and 5 dead including two foreign journalists. In 1988 the Chatchai government granted amnesty to all involved. Colonel Manoon is now a senator--Senator Manoonkrit Roopkachorn.]
Matichon - September 30, 2004

* “Sex webcam” is a new and popular for “Dek Len Lai.” Some use it for earning money and having sex later or send by SMS called “Sex SMS.”

Thairath - September 30, 2004

* A female student in Chumporn province who ate Naem [fermented pork sausage Yaowapa Brand] made in Hadyai, Songkhla, vomited when she a piece of a finger inside.

* People are crazy about lottery numbers. They buy the number of Olympics--314 and 14 [because of the medals won--3 golds, 1 siIvers and 4 bronzes].

* The abbot and the committee of the temple KasemSuriyamnaj, Nakornprathom reveals that 4,580,000 baht in the temple's money held at Bangkok Bank was stolen and all that remains at the bank is 3,817 baht.

* Chuwit Kamolwisit allegedly beat his wife. His first wife reported to the Dindaeng Police [on September 20].

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