Thai-language newspaper – September 29, 2004

Matichon - September 29, 2004

* WHO accepts that it is possible that birdflu will spread from human to human. It is recorded that Thailand had the first case in the world.

* The Public Health department announced that birdflu is still occurring, but is still not confident that it can be transmitted from human to human.

* The Prime Minister forgives the "regular customer" (an alias that Thaksin gives to those who criticize him). He says “I am calm now” and declares the kick off of the TRT reelection campaign on October 17.

* A group of vocational education teachers and students in Chaingmai asks for help from Thaksin for a study loan.

* The North starts to get cold--17 degrees!

Thairath- September 29, 2004

* Bloody news [Thairath's infamous bloody/sensational photo on the front page]: For killing her 4-day-old son named Apec, the mother was sentenced by the court to be executed. She confessed and accepted her guilt so the Southern Bangkok Criminal court gave her 25 years instead.

* The female food seller, 38 years old, who sold somtum at Hualampong Station was killed in a terrible way by being stabbed with a screwdriver in the neck at a hotel.
* Two million baht disappeared from an ATM machine in Pisanulok province. The police did not find any clue.

* The dead body of a teacher was found in the channel of a golf course in Chiangrai. It is suspected that he was killed by his friend after quarreling.
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