Thai-language newspaper – September 28, 2004

Matichon - September 28, 2004

* A crazy buffalo gores people in front of the Zentago company, Pathumtani. One dies from being gored and seven are injured.

* The Bank of Thailand will launch a new 50 baht banknote on October 1.

* Research from Chulalongkorn University students reveals that young men use the telephone (“Dek Len Line”) for seeking friends or girlfriends. It found that young man change partners seven times in one year (swinging sex). The professor said that “technology is the new institution of the youth.” That youth have looked outside the family and spend more time using the phone. They are addicted to consumerism. The owner of telephone businesses want to get money from youth and the youth love telephones for solving their loneliness.

Thairath - September 28, 2004

* Bloody news [Thairath's infamous bloody/sensational photo on the front page]: The policeman’s wife is jealous of the minor wife so she burns her.

* Big arrest to seize the heroin 60 kgs. The two who arrested are from a minority.

* A mean dog, an Alsatian, bites a 13-year-old girl, seriously injuring her. She has a big wound on her head and her ear torn and in the hospital in Trad province.

* A policemen is killed again in the south in Pattani province. His colleagues are afraid because four policemen have died and two have been injured in only one month.

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