A tale of two newspapers: The threatening billboard

Above: From Khom Chad Luek: Ekkayuth is very scared of the billboard that threatens him

A tale of two newspapers: The threatening billboard - September 27, 2004

On September 27, 2004, The Nation rushed a grave sounding story onto their website about a supposed threat to two government critics (one of them anti-TRT tycoon Ekkayuth) by a mystery billboard.

The Thai-language paper Khom Chad Luek (also owned by The Nation) had the same story, but reported that "after checking" they found that the billboard is to promote the new film Suriyakart (Solar Eclipse) that will open October 14. It seems that both articles are identical except that the one on The Nation site omits the line in the first and last paragraph about the billboard being for a film (or perhaps The Nation article was rushed online before the source of the billboard was checked).

Mystery behind billboard ‘threat’ - The Nation, September 28, 2004
...The two businessmen, who have recently been outspoken in their criticism of the administration, said the warning on the billboard had something to do with their antigovernment views.
They were referring to a giant advertising billboard along the expressway near Sukhumvit Soi 62. The billboard carries the message: “A famous fortuneteller said on the day of the solar eclipse on October 14 well-known businessmen with the initials ‘Or’ are doomed.”...

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