Thai-language newspapers – September 24, 2004

Matichon - September 24, 2004

* A member of the TRT Party who was once a member of the Palangtham Party said they will tell Maew [Thaksin's nickname] to check the behavior of Newin in the case of illegal land reform. Newin declares he will responsible and continues as is. Chamlong points out that those who persecute him will face an inferno after they die.

* Two children was suspected to have died from bird flu in Kumpaengpetch province. Their mother dies 7 days after their funeral.

* An ABAC survey of 5,200 people found that public favor in Thaksin and TRT decreases, especially in Bangkok and the south, and Democrat Party is more popular. People are not confident that the government can combat corruption.

* Please save his life! At the press conference, Mrs. Sombat Beakley is crying and asking the terrorists to release her English husband Mr. Kenneth Beakley. He was taken hostage in Iraq and is under threat of death.

* Suwit Kunkitti, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, sends a committee from the consumer protection office to check all branches of Oishi. The staff in Oishi confirmed that the M.P.’s staff refilled the methanol alcohol [used for cooking] by himself. [An MP was scalded by cooking oil at the restaurant. More about this in the news of September 23.]

Thairath - September 24, 2004

* Bloody news [Thairath's infamous bloody/sensational photo on the front page]: Bus No 207 ran very fast and hurried to miss the red light and this made a 21-year-old female student of ABAC, to fall out of the bus. Her head hit the road very hard. Her state is very serious and she is in I.C.U. and is unconsciousness with no feeling. She is just waiting to die.
[Only the most compelling 'Bloody news' stories make it into the English-language press--and this one was featured in The Bangkok Post on September 25, 2004.]

* It has been disclosed that the police keep 50% of the lottery money for themselves and use the other 50% to fund police activities. [Government lottery money is supposed to be used to fund the police.]

* Dr. Pornthip [Dr. Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan, world-famous Thai forensic expert--she has her hair made up in a big crest and has a 'punk' style] is not afraid of the southern terrorists who set a bounty of 1 million baht for her death.

* The police arrest a man who brings 72 bottles of bird flu vaccine which costs 200,000 baht from Hong Kong to Thailand yesterday [ September 23].

* The Mahachon Party formally opens the new Mahachon office at the Thai Hotel, Wisuttikasat at the auspicious time of 9:45 am today. It is the time that tenants on land start to work so this is also a symbolic time to open. It is the belief [intention] of the party that their leaders can set up the next government [their goal is to have their leader, Anek Laothammathat, be the PM].

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