Thai-language newspapers – September 23, 2004

Matichon - September 23, 2004

* An expert team of doctors is ready to operate on male Siamese twins in Khonkaen province. Now the team is ready and just waiting for permission from the parents to operate.

* A cargo ship bumps against the fishing boat, Srimuangthong 3. Its captain and 3 crew died and 15 are missing.

* A report from the Bangkok governor house confirmed the cancellation of 332 positions of Kamnan [an elected official who looks after the general welfare of the people in a district] and headman of villages. The reason is to save 100 million baht. [These are the traditional Kamnan and headman in the Bangkok area.]

* The first robot in Thailand invented by Thai people from Mahidol University.

* Phokin [Minister of the Interior] declares that foreigners can invest in the south. He said the government can control the situation.

* Phokin [Minister of the Interior] calls for a stop to the killing of terrorists in the South. He says do not just shoot the hardcore gangs in the south. Punish them in jail or execute them. The Southern troublemakers offered millions in bounty for whoever kills Dr. Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan [the world-famous Thai forensic expert--she has her hair made up in a big crest and has a 'punk' style]. The southern academic warns the government to hasten the review of how to solve the crisis in the south.

* The hot issue: Grabbing the '536 agriculture reform land.' Chamlong opposes the government accusations furiously [that his foundation took land illegally]--“The government lies and does not have innocent intentions."

Thairath - September 23, 2004

* Bloody news [Thairath's infamous bloody/sensational photo on the front page]: A gay man dies mysterious. His skeleton was found in ditch at Wangnoi District, Ayuthaya. Near his dead body there was his ID card and a handbag. From this the police know that he was an AIDS patient. It is suspected that he died 2-3 months ago.

* Bloody news [Thairath's infamous bloody/sensational photo on the front page]: Mother and daughter drink pesticide. Two dead bodies were found in the house. The mother cannot stand her hard life. Her daughter also had polio so the mother decided to kill herself and her daughter.

* The Tourism Police arrested the "white Muslim foreigner thieves" at Ratchadaphisek and Huaykwang. They robbed hotel rooms. The four accused are Turkish and Iranian.

* The cruel vocational students shot bus No. 90 and injured two students. One surrendered to the policeman. The other escaped.

* Police arrest the head of gangster--his alias is “White Horse.“ His team stole rental cars in Pattaya and Phuket.

* Surasak Anatkaphan, a 51-year-old Petchaboon Province M.P. [TRT party, he is the secretary of Mr. Suwit Kunkitti, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment], was seriously scalded by methanol alcohol [used for cooking] when his friend tried to refill a depleted pan of it at Oishi Restaurant and the alcohol exploded. The M.P. is still in I.C.U. The head of Oishi's committee came out to take responsibility. This kind of alcohol is on a list of hazards, but the government is just waking up to warn about its dangers.


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