Thai-language newspapers – September 22, 2004

Matichon - September 22, 2004

* Thaksin reaffirms the land reform case [against Chamlong's foundation], but says he has no conflict with Chamlong. He understands that Chamlong is honest and does not break the five commandments of the Buddha.

* The owner of the rottweiler that mauled a boy still keeps silent. The police said the relative of the victim asks for 150,000 baht compensation.

* A Deputy Chief of the Education Ministry points to the case that a gay teacher having sex with a student for a grade [if the student wants to pass the test, the student has to have sex with the teacher]. He says it is wrong and against the law and asks students to report things like this confidentially. If true, teachers can be arrested immediately.

Thaipost - September 22, 2004

* Editorial
...Attacking the Chamlong Foundation, no one can believe in the good intention of the government. Lots of critics say Newin Chidchop, the Deputy of Agriculture and Cooperatives arranged this case.

Nobody believes in his good intention even though the Prime Minister and Chaowalit [Deputy Prime Minister] came out to deny the conflict and protect Newin. People can see from past events that whoever criticizes the Prime Minister will later on be attacked like this [through government channels].

Thairath - September 22, 2004

* Bloody news [Thairath's infamous bloody/sensational photo on the front page]: A cruel young guy stabbed a woman 20 times in the back. An old rich woman, 65 years old, was killed. She was the owner of a snooker hall. The attacker took her gold necklace.

* A merchant died mysteriously. His wrist looks like it had been cut and his dead body was found in the middle of a bridge at Talad Plu, Thonburi. The police suspect that he might have been hit by a motorcycle. The police arrested one drunken motorcyclist nearby because he was found to have hair stuck in his motorcycle.

* There was a fire on the fishing boat near the pier in Sattaheep, Chonburi. For two hours it burned before sinking with 10 million baht damage. It was started when the boat was refueling and the gas was ignited by an 'electronic spark.' Two crew burned to death.

* Ekkayuth gets a lawyer to file civil charges against the government. The charge is that government officers violated his rights and liberty and threatened him.

* The Constitutional Court rules to dissolve Chatpattana Party.

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