Thai-language newspapers – September 21, 2004

Matichon - September 21, 2004

* Nevin, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, announces the Chamlong Srimuang Foundation has been found to have encroached on 535 rai of reform land for agriculture. He declares this is not related to the conflict between Maew [PM Thaksin] and Chamlong. [See A tale of two newspapers: Chamlong's land grab charge below for the English-language papers' take on this.]

* Public prosecutors in the South worry they may be killed like the judge. They have a meeting to ask for guards. Pongtep asks the soldier-policemen to oversee them first.

* Assembly of the youth from four regions reveals finding at “The Pupil-Student” seminar. There is more free sex and selling sex. They note that the new generation of youth are materialistic. They have sex at school. It destroys the local culture. Some pupil-students in Esarn are selling sex.

* "Strange-Rare-Expensive”--This is the new trend in pets for Thai people. Popular are reptiles, arrow frog, colored snakes, giant spiders and chameleons.

* A warrant is prepared for the arrest of the rottweiler owner. The two nursemaids who fed the dog know that they will be prosecuted and escape. The Director General of Rights and Liberty Protection gives a hand to help the mauled boy.

Thaipost - September 21, 2004

* BOI supports I.P. Star. Senator Chemsak Pintong points to a conflict of Interest. Chemsak claims the government lost 1.6 billion bath after BOI gave tax privileges for I.P. Star which is controlled by the "country's leader" [Chemsak purposely does not mention PM Thaksin by name--probably to protect himself from the lawsuits that have been filed against other government critics who questioned links between the Prime Minister's family and "lucky companies"].

* Thienthong [Surakeit Thienthong, the son of Sanoh Theinthong, chairman of TRT advisors] received a railway concession for three years. Thailand Tourism Authority uses photos by Oak [Panthongtae, Thaksin’s son] to show in Japan.

Thairath - September 21, 2004

* Revelations about youth sex. The girl starts first by touching the boy. According to the National Youth Day seminar, nowadays the girl initiates sex first by touching the boy.

* Tear off the mask! Kroo Bala cheated Karen people of 3 million baht. The policeman raid the Kuti [house of Buddhist priest in a monastery] to arrest Kroo Bala. Kroo Bala set up himself to be a god of mountains and a reborn person. He convinced the Karen people to invest money with him by persuading them that they will get interest or a car. The Karen villagers really believed him so they sold their elephants, cows and buffalos and gave him money. Finally they were cheated of 3 million baht.

* Volvo explodes while filling with NGV gas. A guy wants to save money by using Benzene. So he sets up a gas tank in his car by himself, but he uses wrong type of gas tank--LPG. Finally it explodes.

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