Thai-language newspapers – September 20, 2004

Matichon - September 20, 2004

* The Democrat Party jeers Thaksin saying he is now combating corruption only to create a good image for the next election.

* Judges ask for bulletproof cars to pick them up and ride in. 40 judges are scared and want to move from the risky areas in the south

* The owner of the rottweiler [that mauled a boy] is defiant. If the injured wants compensation, the owner will appeal. The policeman says if the owner of the dog does not come forward [she is in Trang province], they will issue a summons. [This is another common story in the Thai press--someone who injures someone else in some way is indignant when asked to take financial responsibility. There is a belief that car accidents and other mishaps are the work of fate and not really anyone's fault. This belief always becomes more prevalent when someone is asked to pay for their part in injuring another.]

* Editorial: “The poison( harm) attitude”
The report of the Committee of National Economic and Social Welfare in the six months of 2004 said it is more difficult than the past to control HIV/AIDS. This is because having sex easily is the prevalent attitude of men and women and swinging sex is normal in society. AIDS nowadays comes from this attitude. So all organizations (GO, NGOs and all media) should help to stop this attitude.

Thaipost - September 20, 2004

* Southern judges protect themselves by buying guns and wearing bulletproof vests. They say the government neglects them so they rely on themselves.

* Editorial: The death of the judge, the failure of the government

The judge, Mr. Rapin, was a good person and was responsible and honorable. It is believed that his death is related to the crisis in the deep south and the government cannot deny this. His death shocked and hurt all people. They feel that even the high level government officers can be killed so how about the normal poor people? Their lives are not safe.

If the government still sends officers to serve people in the risky area, the government will face the defiance (a challenge) and the judge will not be the last dead body.

Thairath - September 20, 2004

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - A male student from Vongchaowalitkul University, Nakorn Ratchasima province, was killed. He was hit with deadly force [his head was split] by the gang of youth. It is suspected this was caused by an illicit romance.

* The representative of the owner of the fierce rottweiler [that mauled a boy] will not pay compensation and challenges the injured to appeal to the court if they want compensation.

* The Democrat Party plans to raise funds on October 18 at Queen Sirikit Convention Center. It will show a multimedia slide show about the political direction in 2005 and the standpoint of the Democrat Party. Chinese tables will be sold to raise funds and will cost 100,000-500,000 baht each.

There will also have a talk between the big pretty face [Apisit, young dynamic MP widely seen as heart and soul of the future Democrat party] and small pretty face [Apirak, the new Bangkok Governor] and also a concert by superstar Bird Thongchai McIntyre.

* Judges are scared and want to move from the south. They are given bulletproof vests.

* Two technicians got drunk and died in a room they just painted--it was filled with paint thinner fumes.

* A young, 25-year-old singer at Excite Pub killed herself by jumping from a building in central Pattaya, Chonburi. It is suspected she did it because she had failed in love.

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