Thai-language newspapers – September 19, 2004

Matichon - September 19, 2004

* “Thaksin repeats clearly’’ that those who want to be ministers must work. Don’t get the post by giving him money or giving money to the party.

* Pasuk [Chulalongkorn academic] exposes the process of “grabbing media.” Her speaking at the seminar pushes the process of media reform.

* Again--a rottweiler mangles a 6 year old, seriously injuring him.

* Dr. Jarun confirms that the new influenza can be cured. "Don’t panic. Nobody has died before.”

* Maew [PM Thaksin] gives three tips for playing the stock market:
- choose the basic factor of stock
- if it looses value, just hold, don’t sell
- don’t be alarmed
Maew claims he is managing the economy well right now.

* Sudarat [Minister of Public Health] boosts Samui Island is cool and it is the first district for the food safety program in Thailand.

* Rabeibrat leads to solve the swinging sex problem. Courses for “preserving the body” will be held as well as building up a network of Thai student leaders to promote preserving their bodies.

* An elephant named “Kumpai” gives birth to a baby weighing 100 kgs. The elephant is from Chiangmai. She usually hits baby elephants so she was taken to the elephant hospital in Lampang. Now she is 17 years old. Her baby is a male, 100 kgs and healthy. [Elephant stories are a staple of the Thai-language press.]

[No editorial in this edition.]

Thaipost - September 19, 2004

* Thaksin will come to speak at the Thailand Focus Festival [on September 20] to persuade foreigners to invest in Thailand. Ekkayuth waits for Thaksin to find fault with him when he persuades the foreigner investors.

* Before going to London, Ekkayuth is staying at Four Seasons Hotel. He said he or his team may join to listen and see whether Thaksin is telling lies at the opening ceremony for foreigner investors on September 20 at the Thailand Focus Festival.

Thairath - September 19, 2004

* Bangkok people are glad that BTS and BMCL are not in competition and will cooperate to use the same ticket.

* The gunmen who killed the judge [in the South], also killed a policeman in the past

* Pushing Anek [the Mahachon party leader] to be Prime Minister [to replace Thaksin]. Sanun Kajornprasat, the senior advisor of Mahachon Party, talks up support for Anek Laothammatat, the leader of Mahachon party, to be Prime Minister.

* Wild youth drive crazy, all five die.

* Phokin, the Interior Minister, discusses with the new Bangkok governor to prepare for floods.

* A brave taxi driver punches a robber unconscious.

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