Thai-language newspapers – September 18, 2004

Matichon - September 18, 2004

* Congress of Society and Development worry about swinging sex (“Aua Artorn”). People like swinging. 15-24 year-olds get HIV.

* American takes Thailand off of the drug blacklist for first time in in 43 years [since 1961]. Decrease in opium planting.

* Heavy rain in six northern provinces. Closes 8 schools. 2 die from mud slides

* Urge the government to cope with the Influenza “A” that is as harmful as SARS – in only two years it has spread very far

* NGO want the people to penalize Maew [PM Thaksin's nickname], Somsak [Minister of Agriculture], and cooperatives that released the GMO papayas into the wild

* Greenpeace will join in to clean Hua Hin beach on the World Clean Day in Prajuabkeereekan Province

* Rabiebrat, Senator from Khon Khaen, blames Nat [sex-film actress] and Tata Young [singer who just released a bold video for the song "Dhoom"--she is often seen as too open and sexy for a good Thai woman] for making women in Thailand lose their reputation.

* Check of DNA for those who raped in the pratom 3 [school grade 3] case

* Billion bath to renovate the National Library

* New idea to ask motorcycle taxis and neighborhood shops to keep an eye on youth gangs

* Ministry of Resources and the Environment take polluted chemical water from Jengo company to check

* Hunting for the policeman who kill the Britons still has failed

* Buriram people resist the hunters who kill elephants

* Songkhla people complain about the pipeline work that makes houses crack [major drainage and sewage lines are being laid throughout Songkhla]

* The Japan Alliance for Humanitarian De-mining Support (JAHD) starts to remove mines this September 20 at the border of Khao Pravihan in Srisaket so it can be opened again for people

* Varatep, Deputy Minister of Finance, opposes TDRI [Thailand Development Research Institute] and insists that government policy helps poor people

Thaipost - September 18, 2004

* Change of target to judges in the south--assailant confesses that they got an order to kill high level government officials

* Shock for the judge - southern assailants change the target to be a judge. Gunmen shot him in front of his mother-in-law and child while waiting for a traffic light to turn green. One of the gunmen was arrested shortly after the shooting. He confessed that the teacher who was teaching religion [in an Islamic school] ordered him to kill high level government officials

* Mr. Rapin Ruankaew, a judge at Pattani provincial court, was killed on the way to send his child to school. This makes the situation in the 3 provinces in the south more tense.

* The alternative agriculture network wants “Somsak [Minister of Agriculture] and Thaksin [PM]” to get a penalty for GMO case [releasing GMO papaya into the wild]

* Ad "Karabao” [a famous musician] talked to the elderly victims of bird-flu to support a vaccine

* Pias Cosmetics company to target male customers

* Future Park opens gourmet section to lure customers

* The Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) to stop rumors and stock market manipulation news

Editorial summary
* Campaign to combat corruption
Thai society cannot neglect the demand/report from Dr. Sumej Tantivechkul, chairperson of Clear and Clean Foundation, Thailand. He asked people to combat corruption which is a deep crisis for Thai society. It has spread everywhere and if we just ignore it, the new generation will not have a nation.

Thairath - September 18, 2004

* Rabiebrat, Khonkaen Senator, said nowadays that students do not conserve their bodies. She condemns the behavior of Nong Nat-Kesarin [sex-film actress] who makes a bad example for young people.

* Ekkayuth swoops back to England... after we was followed by the government officers. He claims he has to go back England for some business. Meanwhile Pratin will investigate the politicians named 'P’ and 'S’ [accused by Ekkayuth] for stock manipulation.

* Thailand now off the blacklist for drug selling.

* Son-in-law kills the father because he ate his fighting cock.

* Sting operation to arrest corrections officers from Bangkwang who sell drugs in prison.

* New structure of police force: “No belly”
["No belly" means "not big in the middle." Thaksin and MPs gave a new policy to the Committee of Police Reform for People. The new police organization must have "a small head and a small midsection (ie. no belly). This is a way of saying it will cut down the legions of mid-level manager generals in the police force. According to the new planned structure of the National Police Officers, they want to adjust the National Police Bill of 2004 which states the categories of policeman. The organization must have unity, not overlap, and be decentralized. Each section in the 'center' must have a particular duty--investigation, special security police for migration, etc. and also development of technical jobs like law, investigation, and technology.]

* More bird-flu patients--Malaysia in turmoil

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