Various early subway-related images


Juxtaposition - November 30, 2002
A modern-style subway entrance (right) in front of Wat Hualampong (the Wat where they have many Chinese-style funerals). Once the entrance is finished, it's the kind of image foreign photo journalists love to shoot of Thailand--the old and the new together. We just wanted to print it first


Subway Station Model
Wisarut Bholsithi took these photos of the Bangkok subway station model when it was being displayed at a shopping mall. The four levels can be clearly seen--from the Thai-style overlapping roofs of the ground-level entry to the subway tracks. In the photo on the left note that the subway platform will be partitioned from the tracks with doors in the same way it is in Singapore.


Bangkok Subway Graphics
These are some interesting computer renderings from MRTA of what the completed subway system will look like. On the left is a subway entrance, in the center is one of the future subway cars (the placard reads "Hualamphong-Bangsue"), and on the right is the subway car level of a station. If you look carefully, you can see the doors that will keep people from falling onto the subway tracks (this is like the subway system in Singapore).


Subway Depot
December, 2000 - View to the southeast from the 29th floor of a building on Ratchapeisek Road. The large rectangular building on the left (it looks like an airport) is the massive subway depot. The gray-roofed building below it is the Thailand Cultural Center. On the far right is Rachadpeisek Road. The subway tracks branch off from the main subway line here and go over to the depot. The tall, black building by Rachadapeisek Road is Shinawatra Tower I. Notice the office towers in the background that dot the skyline.

Aerial Photos
July, 2001 - Pas Seangsong, webmaster of Bangkok Highrises, found these two aerial photos of the huge subway depot near Rama IX intersection on the Thai Engineering website.
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