First look at a Subway TVM screen

Sample TVM - July 15, 2004
Bo sent in this photo (below) of a ticketing machine installed at the Petchaburi Station.

(Photo: Bo)

(Photo: Andrew)

Above: Andrew snapped this shot of a subway ticket vending machine screen.


Above: Close-up of the ticket vending machine (TVM).

About the TVMs - August 16, 2004
Wisarut reports: I just dropped by Phaholyothin Station... There are two ticket vending machines (TVMs) in each station. Most have instruction stickers posted to cover the steel body.
The TVMs can accept the banknotes which is a big plus and may eventually force BTS to set up permanent coin exchange machines very soon if they have too little money to buy new TVMs from Germany which can accept banknotes.
The big minus are that there are too few TVMs for the subway since it is a special TVM imported from France which are very expensive. Better ask French and Japanese investors to set up TVM assembly in Thailand to replace human ticket payment at the railway station or intercity bus stations. Or they can get a cheaper deal if they set up a TVM assembly line in China.
I did use the TVM at Phaholyothin station once and it worked just fine. However, software glitches with the TVMs and Sukhumvit Station forced BMCL to turn off all TVMs in Sukhumvit station to fix all the things up and compelled passengers to go into the long line (according to a security guard). Only those who have Smart cards do not have to wait.
The MTA Map is now published in English. It is better for tourists and expats, but still not very good compared with the BTS Map published by Groovy Map since the BTS Map has Thai, English and Japanese on the same map.
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