Inside the Morchit Subway Station

Inside the Morchit Subway Station
March 14, 2001

Looking down into the station construction - Materials are lowered into the site through this shaft.

Temporary stairs into the construction site

Elevator shaft under construction - Eventually there will be 69 elevators and 346 escalators in the entire subway line.

The subway will run along this trough. This station is gigantic--but the Rama 9 Station is even bigger.

Part of the mockup of the station decor - Each station will have a color band to identify it. Morchit Station will be green since it is under Chatuchak Park. Two stations will have special decor. See here for details.

Huge pipes supply fresh air into the site.

Equipment is lowered by crane to the bottom level of the construction site.

Under the subway platform

What I came to see... the tunnels stretching off into infinity.

Closeup of the one of the tunnel panels - Bolts link the panels and the pressure of the earth presses the whole structure together.

The Omega Ring - This ring attaches the tunnels to the stations and allows for differential settlement between the two structures up to 10 cm.

The south end of Morchit station - Workers get supplies from above and the yellow tube on the left supplies fresh air.

Inside a tunnel looking out into the station

Construction of stairs to the lower level

Workers take a break in front of an air delivery shaft. It's very hot down there!

In one dark side of the station is the pedestrian tunnel that leads to the opposite side of Phahonyohtin Road. This connects the Morchit Subway Station to the Skytrain Station.

A final look down the tunnel

Looking up the subway station stairs

Subway station stairs from ground level

Subway entrance with the elevated Morchit Skytrain Station in the background

Display at MRTA headquarters showing the composition of the ground at different levels

Quitting time at the Morchit site
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