Bangkok Subway Souvenirs

Bangkok Subway Souvenirs & Ephemera

Last updated March 17, 2001

Unfortunately, these items are only for sale and distribution at MRTA headquarters to employees and visitors ("to promote team spirit"). There are no plans for wider distribution or sales ("that's not our policy").

MRTA coasters (red or blue) - 35 baht for a set of four
MRTA keychain - 95 baht
Subway car tie clip (gold or blue) - 109 baht - The clip is the perfect complement for the MRTA tie->

MRTA silk tie - 600 baht

MRTA wallet-sized calendars for 2001 (four varieties) - free promotional item

MRTA Today calendar 2001 - free promotional item - This is a beautiful calendar with great photography and graphic design.

MRTA day planner 2001 - free promotional item - The inner pages are decorated with photos of the area around each future subway station entrance.
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