Thai Railway Tunnels

Thai Railway Tunnels (with ranking by length)
Last updated November 21, 2004

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Tunnel name
Length Rail km Location
Northern Line (from south to north)
(7) Pang Tum Khop 120.09m 513.72-513.84 between Pang Ton Phueng and Huai Rai (Uttaradit/Phrae)
(3) Khao Phlueng 362.44m 516.41-516.77 between Pang Ton Phueng and Huai Rai (Uttaradit/Phrae)
(6) Huai Mae Lan 130.20m 574.04-574.17 between Ban Pin and Pha Khan (Phrae)
(1) Khun Tan 1352.10m 681.57-682.93 between Mae Tan Noi and Tha Chomphu (Lampang/Lamphun)
Northeastern Line (Kaeng Khoi-Bua Yai shortcut)
(5) Khao Phang Hoei 230.60m 248.80-249.03 between Khok Khli and Chong Samran (Lopburi/Chaiyaphum)
Eastern Line (Khlong Sip Kao-Kaeng Khoi: cargo only)
(2) Phra Phutthachai 1197.00m 147.10-148.30 between Wihan Daeng and Bu Yai (Saraburi)
Southern Line
(4) Chong Khao 235.90m 769.82-770.05 between Thung Song Jn. and Ron Phibun (Nakhon Si Thammarat)

Combined length=3628.33m

Compiled by Nils Rennenberg from a post by Dr. Volker Wangemann on the forum and the extensive station lists on

Also: Thai Railway/SRT main page

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