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Old SRT buildings at Hualamphong

Timeline of Thai railways

Thai railway tunnels

New airport rail link

Change of plans for Thonburi Station visits the Thonburi locomotive shed

Maps in French
French map published in 1928 showing the Bangkok tramway route which was modified in 1927-1928 by Royal Decree expanding Dusit Palace area to have western border at Samsen Road and a southern end at Sri Ayutthaya Road
 Indochina Railway Plan published in 1930 (even though the info about the Siamese Railway is not later than 1921).

Maeklong railway news
Maeklong railway revisited
Fate of the ex-Maeklong railroad stock
More Maeklong photos
Rail pier: Maeklong
History of the Maeklong Railway

Songkhla to Hat Yai railroad (from the edge of town to Hat Yai)
Walking the Songkhla line (from the station to the edge of town)
Songkhla train station

Songkhla rail wharf

Obscure and defunct railways in Thailand
Latest Thai railway history news
Thai Railway Hall of Fame
Thai/Burma Railway
Andrew Mason interviews the Curator of the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery - December 24, 2004

"Paknai-Bangkok" - March 12, 2007
Undated photo of "Train to Paknai-Bangkok." Anyone know the location?
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