The Makkasan cars

The Makkasan cars - October 8, 2004
An answer from the forum to the question below about the Makkasan trains: The two narrow gauge (600 mm) coaches you spotted in front of the makkasan workshop are not renovated but brand new build.
Together with a refurbished steam locomotive (nr. 7) and probably a second one (nr.31 - formerly on a plinth in front of the Chiang Mai station) the whole was mentioned for a sort of garden round railway in a (the) queens project (near Ayutthaya if I am right) and should have been in full order by now. But as many things in Thailand, the project seems to be delayed or even abandoned or who knows what else.
So what you have seen is a modern relict of the youngest history. Take a seat on the wooden bench and imagine your self riding along one of the 600 mm lines Thailand ever had...

(Photo: Nils)

(Photo: Nils)
Earlier: Question about Makkasan - October 4, 2004
Nils asks: Anyone know what these vehicles near the entrance to Makkasan Railway Plant (Th. Nikhom Makkasan, opposite the back of Bangkok Palace Hotel) are? Unfortunately there is no sign explaining anything about them. They have been renovated (and even fitted with electrical power lines, though I doubt that someone turns on the beautiful interior lamps at night!) and are in a much better state than the various trams to be found around town.
And what is the significance of that SRT stone marker (from between the tracks)? It has a north arrow and a number on it.

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