Rail pier: Maeklong

(Photo: Robert/RMB Rail Asia)
Rail pier: Maeklong - August 7, 2004
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Robert of RMB Rail Asia: For the continuing story about the Maeklong lines here is a small feature about the infrastructure--the rail pier at Ban Laem.

As you can see at the first picture (left) the construction is still there and ready for use although I never saw any rolling stock on it. The date: March 29, 1986.

Two years later (below), April 1, 1988, and for sure, no joke, decay takes its toll.

(Photo: Robert/RMB Rail Asia)

Twelve years later, March 13, 2000, a ship passes by (right) as the remains of the pier are only visible during low tide.

(Photo: Robert/RMB Rail Asia)
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