A summary of closed, defunct and obscure railways in Thailand

A summary of closed, defunct and obscure railways in Thailand

l closed
some of the infrastructure was recent or is till there (overgrown)
l already discussed or mentioned on the 2Bangkok website under Forum - Railways/SRT
former rolling stock preserved

Northern line

Muang Fang district (West from Chiang Rai) l
Light railway for the transport of teakwood (logs) by The Borneo Company

Phayao / Chun district (road 1021) ll
SFCL = Siam Forest Company Ltd. Separate system - 1000 mm / 49 miles - closed in 1939

Thai Sugar Corporation - factory Ko Kha (Nakhon Lampang - km 642) l
Network - 750 mm - to transport sugar cane

Muang Pong (105 miles from Den Chai - km 534) l
Light railway - 26 miles - for the transport of teakwood (logs) by the Anglo-Siam Cooperation

Thai Sugar Corporation - factory Wang Khapi (km 477) ll
Network - 750 mm - to transport sugar cane and one line - 1000 mm - in connection with the SRT

Branch line near Rai Oi (km 454)
Mysterious line found on an (old) map but no clues (open / closed ?)

Hua Wai - Ban Plai Rang Mai (Tha Tako) (km 204+62) l
Line - 19 km / 600 mm - for firewood transport

Tha Rua - Phra Puttabath (km 102) ll
RFTR = Rot Fai Tha Rua Ltd. 750 mm

Lop Buri (km 133) l
City tram line

Branch line near Ban Talat Nong Tao (km 150 ) ll
Mysterious line found on an (old) map with a bridge over Khlong Khut Chonlaprathan


Krung Thep lll
City tram network.
The last two lines closed on 30 September 1968.

Phra Padaeng l
A single tramline to shortcut a (big) wind in the Chao Phraya river

Klong San - Wong Wian Yai ll
A section of the Maeklong (Thachin) Railway along the Thanon Charoen Rat

Hua Lamphong - Samut Prakan [Pak Nam] ll
Suburban line - 21.3 km - closed in 1962

Thonburi - Bang Bua Thong ll
750 mm line

Siam City Park ll
Line - 600 mm - (loop) for fun riding in an attraction park with a closed station and section outside the gate.

Eastern line

Sri Maharacha Lumber Company (SRJ) - Sri Racha ll
Extensive network - 750 mm - in a wood plantation

Aranya Prathet (km 255) - Khlong Luek - Cambodia ®
Closed for traffic in 1974, open again till the boarder on the Thai side - 6 km - in February 1992.

North-Eastern line

Sung Noen (Nern) (km 234) ll
2 lines radiating southwards - 600 mm - for firewood transport, abandoned in 1962.

Branch line at Buri Ram (km 376)
An obscure line, still open (?) but no clue where to and for what purpose.

Southern line

Burma line lll
Pladuk Junction (km 80) - Kanchanaburi (km 133) - Nam Tok (Tha Sao - km 210) - Three Pagoda pass (border) - Thanbyuzayat. (Burma)
Still in service till Nam Tok and recent extended to the waterfall (Sai Yok Noi) (1.5 km). Beyond that point many traces and remains can be found hidden in bushes and undergrowth. Well preserved - as a memorial walking trail - a few miles to and from the “Hellfire pass.”

Kirirat Nikom (km 678) l
Extension to Phuket but never realised.

Amphoe Kapong (road 4175) l
An old map shows a rail line beginning at Ban Pak Thak. I presume industrial use (tin mine).

Hat Yai - Songkhla (km 945 - 974) lll Photos

Sungai Golok (km 1159) - Rantau Panjang (Malaysia) ®
Only open for fright service, if there is still any (?)

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