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Dao Khanong-Srirat route to be reviewed - Expressway scheme runs into opposition - Bangkok Post, June 24, 2006
Caretaker Transport Minister Pongsak Raktapongpaisal has ordered the Expressway and Rapid Transit Authority (ETA) to review the new Dao Khanong-Srirat expressway route following complaints from Thon Buri residents who face land expropriation. A group of people in Thon Buri's Suksawat area met the minister on Thursday to demand a review of the project...
The new expressway route was aimed at reducing traffic volume on Rama IX bridge and at the Tha Rua interchange. It could be built in the Klong Toey area instead of parallel to the existing Rama IX bridge as designed by the ETA, he said...
A source at the ETA said that actually there are four alternative routes for the Dao Khanong-Srirat expressway project.
One of the proposed routes is to stretch about 9km from the Bang Khlo interchange to Dao Khanong. Its middle section will cross the Chao Phraya river near Rama IX bridge.
The three other routes basically run from Chan road, become elevated on Charoenrat road and cross the river to join Rama II road, or cross the river and go over Rat Burana canal to reach Dao Khanong.
One of the project opponents, Sanpong Anantachaiyong, said the new expressway was unnecessary because an industrial ring road, now under construction, a planned southern ring road and new mass transit projects would effectively help relieve traffic congestion at Rama IX bridge and the Tha Rua interchange...

Highways Dept to seek foreign investment in 6 new routes of motorways - TNA, January 17, 2006
...The six routes comprise Bangpa in-Saraburi-Nakhon Ratchasima with a distance of 200 km, Bangyai-Nakhon Pathom-Kanchanaburi with 98 km, Nakhon Pathom-Samut Songkram-Cha-am with 134 km, Pattaya-Mab Ta Pud with 38 km, Saraburi-Bang Pa Kong with 150 km, and a third ring road of Bangkok with 250 km...

All road contracts plagued with graft- State audit body slams local authority work - Bangkok Post, November 25, 2005
...One project worth 48 million baht was to build a bridge to connect Sirae island to Phuket town, with four million baht set aside for a temporary road until the bridge was completed.
However, the temporary road was never built and the four million baht put aside for it just vanished, said Mr Kriengsak.
Surin's provincial administration organisation wrote in one contract that one million baht was needed for transport costs and obtaining soil and earth.
However, the soil was dug from the area where a road was being built at no extra cost...

BMA bemused by rejection of road projects - Bangkok Post, November 24, 2005
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has questioned why the cabinet rejected its three road projects worth about ten billion baht although they are necessary for traffic relief and justified. The government on Tuesday rejected an elevated road project on Ramkhamhaeng road, a road from Phran Nok to Phutthamonthon Sai 4 road, and the expansion of Krungthep Kritha road. The decision was based on a considerable increase in the projects' budgets...

'No' to three BMA road projects - Bangkok Post, November 23, 2005
...The first project is an elevated road above Ramkhamhaeng road from Lamsalee junction to Bang Chan canal. Its budget was raised from 550 million baht to 1.7 billion baht. The second project involves the construction of a new road from Phran Nok to Phutthamonthon Sai 4 road. Its budget shot up from one billion baht to 3.9 billion baht and its completion was to be delayed from 2008 to 2014.
The third is the expansion of the Krungthep Kritha road, the construction costs for which are now estimated at 4.7 billion baht, three-times the original cost of 1.8 billion baht. On top of that, it would also have faced a two-year construction delay from 2008 to 2010.
...Meanwhile, the cabinet gave the greenlight to 10 other projects proposed by the BMA, including the construction of flood prevention walls worth some 1.7 billion baht along the Chao Phraya river, a 800-million-baht budget for improving the Srinakarin road from Phatthanakan junction to Sukhumvit 103 road, and the construction of a new road from Pattanakan to Suan Luang Rama IX.
In another development yesterday, the BMA agreed to sign hire contracts with Italian-Thai Development Plc (ITD) and Unique Engineering and Construction Co to build the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) project on two routes _ Ram Intra Km8 to Mor Chit route, and the Surawong-Rachaphruek route _ as they have agreed to cut their quotes by about 20 million baht each to meet the BMA's median prices.

ETA planning to construct 11 expressways - The Nation, November 22, 2005

The fourth choice of the expressway across the Chao Phraya: last choice for ETA - translated and summarized from Dailynews, August 17, 2005
ETA has come up with the fourth choice for the new expressway across the Chao Phraya--an expressway parallel with the existing expressway and Rama 9 Bridge. If local people refuse the fourth choice, ETA has to scrap the new expressway across the Chao Phraya.

Bang Na Trat connector expressway open - translated and summarized from Bangkok Biznews, June 16, 2005
On June 15, 2005 Premier Thaksin opened S1 section of the expressway (4.7 km) connecting the 1st stage expressway and the 3rd stage expressway with Bang NA-Bang Pakong expressway. This allows motorists to go from expressway to expressway without having to go down to Bangna Intersection at km 6 toll gate.

OTP pushes the Sri Nakharin Expressway - Scrapping S2 Expressway due to high expropriation cost - translated and summarized from Dailynews, June 17, 2005
OTP is asking for 394 million baht for the design of the Yellow Line LRT [Lad Phrao - Sri Nakharin - Samrong -> 32 km], Pink LRT [Kae Rai - Pakkret - Suwinthawongse - 33km] and budget for Sri Nakharin Expressway [Motorway - Sri Nakharin - Samut Prakarn - 18 km] along with Lum Salee Interchange. All to be done in July 2006.
On the other hand, OTP decided to scrap the S2 Expressway connecting S1 Expressway with the Southern Outer Ring road due to the high cost of land expropriation while coming up with Sri Nakharin Expressway as a substitute since it can be constructed along Sri Nakharin Road with little payment on land expropriation for Toll Plazas.
Commentary by Wisart: OTP decided not to construct mass transit system to IMPACT (Convention center) since the owner of IMPACT, Khun Anan Kanchanaphak), is the brother of the owner of BTSC Skytrain, Khun Khireen Kanchanaphak and a supporter of the Democrats. They have to deprive the Kanchanaphak Family and run a BRT as a substitute.
On the other hand, they want to secure votes from Pakkret and Nonthaburi by extending the Pink LRT from Pakkret to Kae Rai (Nonthaburi).
These plans please automobile vested interests such as Transport Minister Suriya's Family (owner of Thai Summit auto parts--supplier for Toyota (Thailand)) by constructing the expressway along both Sri Nakharin and Highway 304 (Ram Indra - Pakkret Road) along with Lum Salee Interchange...

Highway 4 in Phetchaburi province - February 18, 2005
A reader asks: I was wondering whether you know what is going on with Highway 4 between Phak Tho and Khao Yoi in Phetchaburi province. They have demolished the rather attractive canal and hedgerows on the east side of the highway, and appear to be installing drainage tubes. The drainage tubes would seem to have less than one-tenth the carrying capacity of the existing canal. Also, in some places they seem to be filling in the canal and widening the road (on the east side only), whereas in other places they are simply leaving a huge and ugly hole -- more than five metres deep, 20 metres wide, and several kilometres in length. Is there an overall plan? What will it be like when it is completed?...

International bus between Thailand-Laos - translated and summarized from Transport Journal, December 16-31, 2004
The implementation of Udornthani-Viangchan international bus has been quite a successful enterprise. It is not surprising that the Transportation Co.Ltd. is going to implement the second Thai-Lao international bus from Ubon Ratchathani to Champasak, after the new Ubonratchatyhanee bus terminal is equipped with an immigration office and customs house. However, the Lao government has not come up with the counterpart for this project--either the local government of Champasak's state enterprise or the Viangchan Bus State Enterprise Co. Ltd.
After the Friendship Bridge across Mekhong at Mukdaharn is opened in 2006, the third bus route (Mukdaharn - Savannakhet - Danang) will be implemented. So far, the roads from Muang Phin to Seno (130 km) and Daen Savan to Mung Phin (75km) are under construction. The first one from the JICA loan and the 2nd one is from ADB (32 million baht) and Thai Exim Bank (8 million baht) loans.

Increasing usage of Donmuang Tollway - translated and summarized from Manager Daily, December 15, 2004
Minister Suriya is asking Donmuang Tollway to cut the toll from 53 baht (Dondaeng - Rangsit - 43 baht for Donmaung Tollway and 10 Baht for the Highway Department) to a 20 baht flat rate for 3 months with a provision that the government will help construct an additional ramp at Rangsit-Ongkharak Intersection.
For nationalization, Donmuang Tollway PCL said they would sell stock at par (10 baht/share) while MOTC said they will purchase the stock at only 6 baht/share.
Few drivers use Donmaung Tollway since the ticket prices are too high. Therefore, the discount would bring more drivers to use this tollway. There are about 200,000 cars along Vibhavadee Rangsit Highway, but only 100,000 cars use the tollway, so the discount will add an extra 30,000-40,000 cars to the tollway--even at the expense of revenue loss of 200,000 baht/day (6 million baht a month) for the section from National Memorial-Rangsit and 1 million baht a day for the section from Rangsit to Dindaeng (30 million baht a day-1/3 of daily revenue).
Donmaung tollway has the capacity to handle 180,000 cars a day, but actual use is 100,000 cars.
If this discount works, the Highway Department will negotiate with Donmaung Tollway to compensate for the revenue loss--either the contract extension or the debt negotiation, but not nationalization which has dragged on for a long time.

ETA site intro
- September 20, 2004
Expressway and Rapid Transit Authority has a humorous flash intro that seems to say: "how to solve traffic problems? Elevated expressways!

(Photo: Pascal)

Bangna Trad Highway - July 14, 2004
Pascal of sent in a great photo of Bangna Trad Highway (above). This expressway has a much more eye-pleasing design than the elevated expressways in town.

Tearing down elevated expressways - May 17, 2004
Pas of Bangkok Highrises writes: This is not related to Bangkok, but here's an interesting urban renewal proposal in Seoul to dismantle an elevated expressway and restore it with the stream that once meandered through the city.
This is a fascinating article that has many parallels to Bangkok and its covered klongs.

ETA agrees to look at alternative route - Bangkok Post, April 28, 2004
Local people proposed an alternative, a new bridge that would run parallel to Rama IX bridge, at a meeting yesterday. About 2,000 residents from Bang Kholaem, Rat Burana and Chom Thong districts turned up to put their objections...
Under the original plan, thousands of families would have been relocated, they said.
... About 1,000 houses were moved when the first stage of the Srirat-Dao Khanong expressway was constructed about 12 years ago.
The extension of the Srirat-Dao Khanong expressway, which links Charoenrat road in Bang Kholaem district and Rama II in Dao Khanong, was launched in 2002. The target date for completion was set at 2008.

Earlier: 400 Chinese families suffer from land expropriation for the Sri Rat-Dao Khanong Expressway - Than Setthakij, April 4-7, 2004
Earlier: Seminar for Sri Rat-Dao Khanong Expressway failed - Consultants telling blatant lies to the public and issuing sham questionnaire - Thairath, March 24, 2004
Earlier: Expressway from Ram Indra to Kanchanaphisek (Lum Lookka) - Dailynews, March 16, 2004
Earlier: 3,000 families suffer from the New Road-Expressway project -Than Setthakij, March 7-10, 2004

ETA agrees to look at alternative route-Angry residents say they've had enough - Bangkok Post, April 28, 2004
Local people proposed an alternative, a new bridge that would run parallel to Rama IX bridge, at a meeting yesterday. About 2,000 residents from Bang Kholaem, Rat Burana and Chom Thong districts turned up to put their objections...
Under the original plan, thousands of families would have been relocated, they said.
... About 1,000 houses were moved when the first stage of the Srirat-Dao Khanong expressway was constructed about 12 years ago.
The extension of the Srirat-Dao Khanong expressway, which links Charoenrat road in Bang Kholaem district and Rama II in Dao Khanong, was launched in 2002. The target date for completion was set at 2008.

400 Chinese families suffer from land expropriation for the Sri Rat-Dao Khanong Expressway - translated and summarized from Than Setthakij, April 4-7, 2004
380 Sino-Thai families around Soi Yoodee and Soi Nam Heng Lee still suffer from the expressway since all proposed routes are directed to go through their communities.
They have already suffered from the Sri Rat Expressway (Bang Klo-Chang Watthana) and they thought that the suffering from moving will be at an end after moving to the new community, but the new expressway will add even more suffering.
Furthermore, ETA has to review their budget since it does not include land expropriation yet. It needs another 1.650 billion baht for removing and reinstalling infrastructure including the new 24 kv power lines for MEA and 2.5-3 billion baht for land expropriation--thus the budget increases to 8.5-10 billion baht.

'Consultants telling blatant lies to the public and issuing sham questionnaire' - March 25, 2004

Ed.: While the English-language reading populace is looking at the genteel news reported in the English papers, tens of millions of Thais are reading something different such as this article below from ThaiRath. ThaiRath is often criticized for its sensational news and sometimes slipshod reporting, but the paper does often bring up issues and stories that eventually covered in more sedate papers. This article keys into some commonly held beliefs, such as that road and transit routings are politically motivated and that questionnaires and polls are often tricks to give the authorities the right to say 'the people support this' when the opposite is the case.

Seminar for Sri Rat-Dao Khanong Expressway failed - Consultants telling blatant lies to the public and issuing sham questionnaire - translated and summarized from Thairath, March 24, 2004
After the seminar with those who will get detrimental effects from the Sri Rat-Dao Khanong Expressway on March 23, representatives from Anothai Village told Thairath correspondents that the consultant on this project has come up with a sham seminar which gave villagers no information at all about the progress of this project. Even worse, the information the consultants gave to the villagers is so contradictory that nobody would believe those blatant lies.
First they said 2 communities will suffer from the 2nd route. Then after asking for details the consultants said 672 families will suffer from the 2nd route--which the villagers believe is a very blatant lie since this route will strike through the communities where thousands of families will live.
The consultants claimed 430 families will suffer from the 1st route--another blatant lie since the route will go through the middle of a road and very few families will suffer.
Furthermore, the questionnaire issued by the consultants have carry very misleading questions which could fool those who know nothing about the project. This would lead many to say "yes" for the project to strike through communities even though most villagers would say "no" to anything to do with the Expressway Authority.
The selection of the best route is a good example of this manipulation.
Therefore, the people will burn those questionnaire forms into a pile of ash and they will come up with their own version of questionnaire to be submitted to the consultant and the Expressway Authority.
Commentary by Wisarut: If the Expressway Authority and consultants insist on the unpopular second route (widely believed to be favored because it would benefit Sia Charoen--a close friend of Premier Thaksin), Thai Rak Thai might suffer election woes in the Yannawa-Bang Kho Laem district.

22 communities are impacted by the Rama 6 Expressway - translated and summarized from Dailynews, March 24, 2004
The consultants will call three seminars on Rama 6 expressway and invite those who will get detrimental effects from the project to express their opinions. The list of communities and agencies that will get detrimental effects from the project:
1) Hor Wang High School
2) Saint John University
3) Central Patthana PCL (owners of Central Plaza, and Central Department Store)
4) Central Department Store
5) Km11 Railway Community
6) Chaiyaphruek Railway Community (Talingchan District)
7) Phruek Udom Community (Talingchan District)
8) Wat Pleng Community (Bang Plad District)
9) Klong Suan Prik Community (Bang Plad District)
10) Phatthana Soi 85 (Bang Plad District)
11) Saeng Thong Community (Bang Plad District)
12) Ruam Jai Phatthana Community (Bang Plad District)
13) Sut Soi Somthawin Community (Bang Sue district)
14) Saphan Dam Community (Bang Sue district)
15) See Nam Nguen Community (Bang Sue district)
16) Rama 6 Bridge Community (Bang Sue district)
17) Soi Chotiwat Community (Bang Sue district)
18) Ratchada Prachachuen Community (Chatuchak District)
19) Phaithoon Niwet Village (Chatuchak District)
20) Suan Phak Community (Chatuchak District)
21) Village Headmen of Moo 1, Moo 5, Moo 7, Moo 9, Bang Kruay Commune, Bang Kruay district of Nonthaburi
22) Village Headmen of Moo 4, Moo 6, Wat Chalor Commune, Bang Kruay district of Nonthaburi

Rama 6 expressway with new bridges across Chao Phraya - translated and summarized from Dailynews, March 16, 2004
Team Consultant and the Traffic Policy Office had some up the two sections of the Rama 6 Expressway:
1) 6-lane elevated way, 2) new railway bridge
There are 2 forms of the bridge:
1) Staggered bridge - upper section of the expressway and lower section for new commuter line and DMU, 2) Separated bridge
However, the consultant will have to spend another nine months (from the proposed 14 months) for construction costs, construction period, and atheistic impact - with a price of 125 million baht.
They will also take the information about the integration of the Mae Klong line with the Main line into account since the integration of the Mae Klong line will cut much of the Southern Railway traffic--except the section to western regions (Kanchanaburi, Nakhonpathom Suphan Buri and Ratburi).
No need for further land expropriation except the ramp to go up to the expressway and down to the road. The design must be done before finding the right places for the ramp.
The rail section from Bangsue to Talingchan via Rama 6 Bridge will not be removed due to historical concerns. Rama 6 Bridge has been registered with the Fine Art Department as a historical site. It was the sole link for the Northern and Southern Railway and it has been through the turmoil of WWII and the transformation from road-rail bridge to a rail bridge with double tracks.

Expressway from Ram Indra to Kanchanaphisek (Lum Lookka) - translated and summarized from Dailynews, March 16, 2004
The Ram Indra-Kanchanaphisek expressway has a price tag of 13.709 billion baht -> 7.011 billion for land expropriation (40m wide), and 6.583 billion baht for construction. 58% (3.884 billion baht) will be paid by the Central Government and 42% (2.814 billion baht) paid by the Expressway Authority. It will take two years to construct and be ready in October 2008.
This 6-lane expressway is for the New City by connecting with Chalong Rat Expressway (Ram Indra - At Narong Expressway) and then goes northeast to pass Sukhaphiban 5 (km 11) and end up at Kanchanaphisek (9.25 km). There will be two inbound toll booths at Kanchanaphgisek and Sukhaphiban 5 (km 11) and 2 outbound toll booths at Ram Indra and Sukhaphiban 5 (km 11).
The Expressway Authority now has to deal with the 4 expressways:
1. Ram Indra - Kanchanaphisek - still in the consultant stage
2. Sri Rat - Dao Khanong - still in the consultant stage
3. Bangsue - Bormmarat Chonnanee (Rama 6 Expressway) - still in the consultant stage
4. Third Stage Expressway (Ngam Wongwan - Nawamin) - under construction despite strong opposition from those who live around Kasert - Nawamin road.

3,000 families suffer from the New Road-Expressway project - translated and summarized from Than Setthakij, March 7-10, 2004
The Land expropriation for the new roads and 4 expressways within downtown will definitely dim and extinguish the value to land.
1) the connection between Lad Phrao Expressway and Bangsue - Rama 6 Expressway which require the land of Union Mall as well as Hor Wang school, the Waterwork Office, 100 SRT houses -> there will be 3 choices for the connection route:
1.1) MRTA Park and Ride - Lad Phrao Road - Saint John University - Dept. of Civil Aviation Service - Railway Park - Kamphengphet -> total 3.2 km - 700 million baht plus 1400-1500 million baht land expropriation -> no housing has to be removed
1.2) MRTA Park and Ride - Lad Phrao Road - Union Mall (Side Part) - Hor Wang Road (gobble both Central Lad Phrao and Hor Wang) - Than Setthakij Building, Vibhavadee Rangsit highway - MWA Vibhavadee Office - SRT Housing - Kamphaengphet Road-> total 3.8 km - 900 million baht plus 1000-1200 million baht land expropriation -> 150-170 housings get expropriation
1.3) MRTA Park and Ride - Lad Phrao - Union Mall (back part - with housing behind Union Mall) - Lotus Lad Phrao - Phaholyothin Rd. - housing behind Hor Wang School - MWA Vibhavadee office - SRT Housing - Kamphaengphet - total 3.5 km - 800 million baht plus 2200-2300 million baht land expropriation - due to the housing area compensation on 130-150 houses and compensation to Tesco Lotus
2) Sri Rat - Dao Khanong will gobble 1500 houses - There are 3 choices for the route - to be concluded in April 2004 so as to start the project in February 2005 and be done in 2009 with the price tag of 9 billion baht. The consultant will choose by taking the engineering aspect into account by 30%, financial aspect by 30% and environmental aspect by 40%
3) Lad Phrao Elevated Way will gobble another 1300-1400 houses to make 9 ramps of 700-800 m length and 3 story high for the 8.4 billion baht Lad Phrao elevated way - 100-150 housing expropriated per ramp.
4) Ratchada - Ram Indra Highway -> using Royal Decree to expropriate the villages and Nitingel Sport Complex -> 2 sections
4.1) 8-lane highway from Nawamin Road to Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road (km 9.2 to km 11.5 -> 2.3 km) with a price tag of 1.2 billion baht-> and expropriated the following suburb villages and stores:
4.1.1) Nuanchan Villa
4.1.2) Siam Jusco
4.1.3) Kunya House
4.1.4) National Housing Authority (some part)
4.1.5) Nitingel Ram Indra Sport Complex
4.2) Other villages will follow until it reaches Ratchadaphisek
5) S2 Third Stage Expressway -7.8 km (Bagg Na - Poochao Saming Phrai - Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Naval Academy - Samut Prakarn) with 4 Interchanges at bang NA, La Salle, Poochao Samingphrai, Samut Prakarn - take 4 to 7 years to be done -> starting in 2007.
6) Ram Indra - Kanchanaphisek (Lum Lokkaka) to the new City (19 km) - Extending the 3rd stage expressway from Nuan Chan to Kanchanaphisek at Lum Lokka to be constructed in 5 years and done in 2008.
7) Other expressway projects ->
7.1) Sri Nakharin - Bang Na - Samut Prakarn
7.2) Rama 2 Phetkasem - Nonthaburi
7.3) Samut Prakarn - Suksawat - Rama 2
8) BMA Projects - 4 bridges across Chao Phraya and 30 new roads
Commentary by Wisarut: The Expressway projects have alienated villagers to such extend that they said "No More Expressways! -> We Want Skytrain-Subway Line!" since they suffer from expensive and unfair expressway tolls as well as traffic gridlock and accidents... Any more expressway seem to fit into the vested interests and the politician's interests, but not the interests of people.

Don Muang Tollway troubles - translated and summarized from Than Setthakij, February 12-14, 2004
Don Muang Tollway now has a grace period that expires in March 2004 and the financial situation of Don Muang Tollway is very bad. After the grace period, Don Muang Tollway will have to pay the interest rate at market price, not MLR -2% as they are paying. Don Muang Tollway PCL wants to sell and dissolve the company due to heavy debt - 10 billion baht debt and 5.5752 billion baht loss. The debt payment for 2004 is 155 million baht and increasing so as to go up to the average 857 million baht. The price for the tollway is 8 billion baht (800 million stock at 10 baht).
However, the government said the price is too high. The government will invest in other projects with better connections to the first stage expressway if the tollway cannot lower the price. However the government does not want the tollway to increase prices for a trip to the airport. If Don Muang Tollway were to go bankrupt, the Ministry of Finance will lose money since it is the major shareholder.

Bang Na-Trat expressway connecting section being built - January 28, 2004
A reader reports: The peculiar (4.2 km) gap in the Bang Na Trat Expressway (where is is not possible to travel from the inner city expressway to the elevated Bang Na Trat expressway) is finally being built: Work on five test piles started in mid September 2003 and the installation of working piles commenced in the middle of November and will take a maximum of six month to complete. As almost everywhere in Bangkok, adequately loadbearing soil strata for heavy foundation loads are found only at depths of about 50 m or below.

What are these? - December 16, 2003
In the center of the extension of Ngam Wongwan Road east of Phahon Yothin Road are a series of numbered pillars. Anyone know what these are for?
Oran reports: About those pillars in the middle of the Ngamwongwan extension... according to ETA's website, they are the pillars which will be used for the 3rd Stage Expressway (38.8km) North Section (26.2km) which starts from Nonthaburi to New Bangkok-Chonburi Highway (at the point where it meets the 2nd Stage Expressway, Part D). Planned partial completion in 2009.

Plans to build and expand roads - Bangkok Post, November 18, 2003
...projects included a 400-million-baht tunnel at Kasetsart intersection, a 5km road and flyover from Nawamin road to Ram Inthra road worth 240 million baht, expansion of the road from Wat Phra Sri Mahathat intersection to Lak Si intersection from four to eight lanes, expansion of the entry and exit expressway ramps at Bang Na to eight lanes and construction of more U-turns on Bang Na-Trat road. The Ram Inthra-Nawamin road replaced the Ratchadapisek-Ram Inthra project which required a huge land expropriation budget because it would cut through several dense communities...
The rest included construction of ramps to and from Nong Ngu Hao airport at Onnuj, King Kaew and Rom Klao roads worth 90 million baht, 150 million baht and 1,400 million baht respectively, and improvement of a 7km section on the Min Buri-Lat Krabang road and a section from Bang Na-Trat road to Nong Ngu Hao airport which would cost 515 million baht and 800 million baht respectively.

The cancelled expressway extension - October 27, 2003

The maps printed by BMA (Bangkok Metropolotian Administration) that are being given out at Immigration are pretty old. They show the planned, but cancelled, expressway extension that was to go through the historic Ban Krua community. This defunct extension was recently discussed in the forum.

Warning on killer junction - The Nation, August 25, 2003
Police have warned motorists to exercise extra caution while approaching the sharp, curving left turn toward Dao Khanong on the Bang Na-to-Din Daeng stretch of the expressway after a woman was killed when her car hit a concrete wall and plunged to the street below early yesterday. Expressway officials insisted that the accident, the second of its kind at the Y-shaped section, was not caused by a flawed traffic engineering layout or poorly placed signs. Last year, a couple were seriously injured when their car fell off the road at almost the exact same spot.

Two-way traffic on Ratchadapisek, Phetchaburi, and Sukhumvit! - Bangkok Post, July 12, 2003
Under the two-way traffic system, motorists who drive from Queen Sirikit Convention Centre on Ratchadapisek road can go straight ahead and enter Asok road by using only one lane.
On Phetchaburi road, motorists can drive from Asok intersection to Urupong intersection using two inbound lanes and can turn left at Pratunam intersection to enter Ratchadamri road.
On Sukhumvit road, motorists can drive from Pong Phraram intersection in the Yosse area until Ploenchit tollgate. They can also turn right at Pathum Wan and Chalermpao intersections. The new route is recommended for people wanting to enter the expressway only since they cannot go any further from there.

Bangkok roads in 1980 - July 14, 2003
The following views of Bangkok roads are from Suburb Mass Transit Systems in the Expressway Authority of Thailand - 8th Year Anniversary

Above: In front of Siam Square in 1979-80 - Full two-way traffic and no Skytrain. Notice bus No. 25 and the green-fronted Siam Square.
Left and below: Rama IV Road circa 1979-80 - Notice bus No. 4 and No.13... probably around Klong Toei.

A few links

ETA - Expressway and Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand, controlled by the Interior Ministry

The $1 billion, 54 km Bang Na–Bang Phli–Bang Pakong Expressway (BBBE) - the longest in the world

The Second Stage Expressway

Some interesting info from Pyramid. They consult and contruct flyovers, expressway, and bridges in Thailand

More transit links are here

The Hopewell Project was also to have an expressway
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