Songkran Cartoons 2009

The Songkran fairy on the tiger - April 15, 2009

Translated and summarized from Krungtepturakit, March, 2009
Explanation of the Songkran cards: The description of the picture of the Songkran Festival 2009 fairy symbol, issued by the Ministry of Culture says "Songkran Fairy: (Thewi or Queen of the festival, rotating on the yearly basis and coming to earth during the celebration of the Feast)." The National Culture Commission Office, the Ministry of Culture reveals the appearance of the Songkran Fairy of the Songkran festival 2009 (the year of cow), named “Ko Raka Thewi”, her right hand holding the sword and her left hand holding a walking stick. The fairy comes to the earth in her sleeping position laying on the back of tiger that is her servant. The picture was designed by famous cartoonist Om Ratchavetaya

Other Ministry of Culture Songkran cards are here

And on the forum: I'm always weirded out by how totally un-Thai the characters in Ministry of Culture publications look.  Huge googly cartoon eyes, pearly white skin, the obscenely rounded faces of fat Chinese baby idols... :confused: Compare to how it's done in Singapore.

Another take on the Songkran fairy is the editorial cartoon below:

The Songkran Festival fairy riding the tiger - by Arun, Krungthepturakit, March 25, 2009
The drawing shows the Songkran Festival fairy for 2009 represented by Democrat PM Abhisit Vejjajiva. The flag says “Songkran Festival 2009” and his bullhorn reads “loans.” Thaksin is represented as a tiger Abhisit is riding.
At the bottom right the caption reads "This is really the truth."

Songkran prophecy 2009 - translated and summarized from Matichon, March 24, 2009
From the prophecy of Miss Songkran in 2009, we can see that the Songkran Day is on Monday. It is foreseen that high-ranking officials and all Khunyings and Khunnai will gain power. Tuesday is the ‘Nao’ Day. It is said that fruit will be expensive. Wednesday is the New Year’s Day, scholars will be delightful. To see Miss Songkran lying with her eyes shut on a tiger’s back means that the King will have glorious future. It also warns people not to be tempted by luxurious stuff. The prophecy is in line with the current economic situation, which leads to unemployment and diseases. Luckily, Miss Songkran has a dagger (Phra Khan) as her weapon, which means that it will help protect and bring the country out of crises.

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