Songkran Scenes 2004

Songkran still continuing - 12:15pm, April 18, 2004
While visiting the site of the mega-bridge construction (photos tomorrow) we were surprised to see Suk Sawat Road still choked with die-hard Songkran revelers (right).

Songkran heat - April 16, 2004
Conor noted the incredible temperature (left) on the final afternoon day of Songkran: That's not a typo where it says "feels like 136 F."
Cell phone repair business enjoys Thailand's annual water fight - AP, April 16, 2004
...Thaweechai said he's been fixing wet cell phones for the past several years during Songkran, charging between 250-450 baht (US$6-11) per phone. The technique is simple. He unscrews the cover, pours out the water, blow dries it with an electric hair dryer and reinstalls the software before recharging the battery.
Songkran on Khao Sarn Road - April 15, 2004
In the first 36 hours after posting the Songkran photos from Khao Sarn Road, the page itself was served 122,873 times!

A Songkran scene - 5:24pm, April 14, 2004

For those of you in town for Songkran, this will be nothing new, but if you cannot be here, it will give you an idea of what goes on.

Right: Green bus 60, jammed with Songkran revelers, heads down Suthisarn Road to a point where roadside revelers are throwing water.


Those in the bus jump out to douse and be doused by the group at roadside.

Right: As the bus starts to roar off, two drunken boys dash in front of it, narrowly escaping being hit.


Green bus 60 finally continues on its way. This scene is repeated countless times during Songkran.


Patpong, 1:03am, April 14, 2004

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