Saturday Night Live: Dead Dude


Man#1: Hey. It's me. It... umm... happened again.

Man#1: Well, this time, it's a... umm... dude.

Man#1: No, I didn't kill him!

Man#1: The Lizard killed him and then Ben Affleck killed the Lizard.

Ben Affleck: It was self-defense!

Ben Affleck: That thing was making fun of me.

Man #1: Yeah! Ben Affleck. I don't know why he's here.

Man #1: He crawled in the window at 6.30 this morning carrying a baby Komodo dragon under one arm and Kelly Ripa under the other.

Yeah. Kelly Ripa from 'Regis and Kelly'!

Kelly Ripa: We've got to cut this dead body up and put him in a bag.

Kelly Ripa: This is bad, man. Bad.

Man#1: Ripa! Chill. I'll handle this.

Man#1: Dude! Stop judging me. Just give me that phone number again.

Man#1 (voice over): Because that number is in my wallet.

Man#1 (voice over): And the wallet is "in" the dead dude!

Man#1: Yeah, he is on the bed.

Ben Affleck: Yo, man. Do you know anyone who wants to buy a suitcase full of panda meat?



1) Notice a Singha beer bottle in the hand of Man#1 in frame #1

2) In frame # 7, Ben Affleck is holding a Sawasdee Magazine with letters read Bangkok on the front page (only a k appears in the captured frame)

3) Kelly Ripa is a daytime talk show host, "Regis and Kelly"

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