Saturday Night Live: You’re selling me to these guys?

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Woman#1: Let me get this straight.

Woman#1: You're selling me to these guys?

Ben Affleck: What? Nobody is selling anybody, ok?

Ben Affleck (voice over): I'm giving you to these guys to cover some temporary losses.

Ben Affleck: I've incurred from gambling on Russian roulette!

Woman#1: You've been gambling on Russian roulette?

Ben Affleck: My guy wasn't supposed to die!

Ben Affleck: I had a system!

Woman#1: You're high again!?!

(Woman#1 screaming)

Ben Affleck: Alright, I may have socially injected some komodo dragon venom.

Just because everyone else was doing it!

Woman#1: Let go of me!?!

Ben Affleck: You're being selfish! You don't need both of your kidneys!

Woman#1: This is not my idea of honeymoon!

Woman#1: Ben Affleck!?!

(no audio)

(no audio)



1) I guess we are famous for organ trafficking.

2) Russian Roulette? That is so The Deer Hunter (1978).

3) Ben Affleck is making fun of his, reportedly, gambling problems.

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