Saturday Night Live: Dead Hooker

(Ring tone...)

Man#1: Hey, dude, it's me.

Yeah, I know. You were right. Thailand is crazy.

Man#1: Listen, there is a ... a situation.

Man#1: I took your advice. I got a hooker.

Man#1: No, Kevin, it was not awesome!

She came to my room and we started drinking this bottle of vodka with a coiled snake in it.

Man#1: The next thing I know, I woke up in the closet and she is not moving.

Man#1: Look, just shut up!

Man#1: What is the name of that guy?

Man#1: You know, that Dutch guy who helps clean up messes.

Man#1 (voice over): Thank you.

Man#1 (voice over): That's all I needed to know.


Note: Notice Singha beer bottles, some Thai bank notes and a bottle of liquor with a snake in it on the nightstand in frame #1.

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