One Year On – Various Skytrain Photos

November-December, 2000

At long last, feeder buses for the Skytrain

Advertising placards on the stairs up to the platform level

Ride free on the Skytrain's one year anniversary (December 5, 2000-also HM The King's Birthday and a national holiday)

Christmas in a Skytrain station


View from the train: Erawan Shrine at the Grand Hyatt Erawan

View from the train: Srapaduma Palace behind Siam Center

View from the train: Royal Bangkok Sports Club (a golf course in the middle of the city--formerly an airport some 80 years ago)

View from the train: Siam Intercontinental Hotel with Bayoke II Tower in the background

View from the train: Wat near Taksin Station and courts building in the background

Mammoth Siam Square Station straddling the road below

Stairs from the upper to lower platforms at Siam Square Station (this station is where the two lines cross)

Interchange at Siam Square Station at dusk

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