First Ride on the Skytrain

On July 31, 1999 I took my first ride on the Skytrain. It was a test run from Mo Chit Station (N8) to Phloenchit Station (E2) on the Sukumvit line. It took about seven minutes! We did not stop at any of the stations in between, but the quick trip still emphasized just how small a space Bangkok is crammed into. It is the traffic that makes it seem big and spread out. The ride was quiet and smooth. At some points it was difficult to see where one was on the route. At four stories above street level, everything looks different. One city block will contain a highrise while the next will contain an ancient ornate mansion surrounded by moat. The unusual views from the train, especially as it makes its way through Victory Monument, are sure to make it a tourist attraction. BTS expects 600,000 people a day to ride the train.
Welcome to the Skytrain!

Click on the thumbnails if you want a larger image.

Ticketing platform

Ticketing booth / Stairs / Railing detail / Stairs down to ticketing platform

Inside the train

Doors / Waiting for the trip to start / View through the cars / View through the cars / Seat detail
(The floor is still covered with cardboard for protection. Note the stylishly curved overhead handrails.)

The Cab

Driving console / Control panel & indicator lights (opposite driving console)
(The controls seem amazingly simple--just a keyed on-off switch and a lever to accelerate the train.)

Platform and Train

Train leaving platform / Tracks toward Sampan Kwai / Boarding the train / Everyone loves a train!

Views from the train

Chatuchak Weekend Market / Victory Monument / Ratchadamri Road / A side street on Sukumvit

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