Big Changes: The View from the Street

May, 1999

BTS elevated tracksRatchadamri Station SignTrack supports
Left - Elevated tracks along Ratchadamri Road
Center - BTS logo on Ratchadamri Station
Right - Closeup of the track supports on a double-layered section of track
Bangkok is building an elevated train. Test runs are being made everyday from Victory Monument to the Chatuchak area (across from where the Northern Bus Terminal or Morchit used to be). It looks like fun! In Hong Kong you can go anywhere, anytime on the subway. Imagine someday being able to hop on the Skytrain for a no-traffic trip from Lat Prae to Silom!
BTS tracksRachadamri Station
Left - The areas below the pylons are nicely landscaped
Right - Ratchadamri Station. The massive stations create deep shade at street level and really change the character of Bangkok streets.

Chatuchak StationBTS double tracks
Left - Still unfinished station in front of Chatuchak Park
Right - A double-tracked section in front of Chatuchak Park

Victory Monument tracks
Tracks around Victory Monument. Bayoke Tower II is in the background.
The supports halfway up the columns are for a pedestrian walkway.

Victory Monument tracks 2Under the tracks
Left - The tracks at Victory Monument. The supports halfway up the columns are for a pedestrian walkway.
Right - View from walkway beneath the tracks.

BTS HQService vehicle
Left - BTS headquarters on the site of the old Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit)
Right - Service vehicle on the tracks at Chatuchak where the Skytrain currently stops.
Officials are pondering whether to extend the Skytrain further up Phahonyothin.

StairsStation roofRoof edgeThai Wat
Left - Stairs up to the stations. The overlapping roofs are a reference to traditional Thai architectural styles.
Center left - Tiered Thai-style roof of the stations
Center right - The station roof-edge. The ornamentation is based on a traditional Thai architectural detail called a chor-fa.
Right - Typical Thai wat. Note the overlapping roofs and chor-fa.
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