Thai References in The Simpsons

Mother Simpson [3F06]
    Burns: Yes, I'd like to send this letter to the Prussian consulate in Siam by aeromail. Am I too late for the 4:30 autogyro?
    Kid: Uh, I better look in the manual.
    Burns: (groans) Oh, the ignorance.

Treehouse of Horror VI [3F04]
Thai restaurant in background of live action sequence Homer^3.

Homer to the Max [AABF09]
    Trent: So where to eat? You like Thai?
    Homer: Tie good. You like shirt?
    Homer brings home Thai food from Thai Palace Restaurant.
    Homer: Marge, this is Thai food.  From now on, I want it morning, noon, and night.
    Marge: When did you start liking Thai food?
    Homer: When Trent Steele bought me some.
    Marge: Who's Trent Steele?
    Homer: He's Max Power's oldest and dearest friend.
    Lisa: What's this wrapped in a banana leaf?  [sniffs] Mmmm, smells like mint!
    Homer:  Oh, I spit my gum in there.
    Lisa: Ew.  (She drops the leaf.)

The Old Man & the "C" Student [AABF16]
Bangkok mentioned as site for the Summer Olympics.

They Saved Lisa's Brain [AABF18]
    Lindsey: For a nickel a person tax increase we could build a theater for shadow puppets.
    Dr. Hibbert: Balinese or Thai?
    Lindsey: Why not both? Then everybody's happy.
    Comic Book Guy: Oh yeah, everyone's real happy then.

The Mansion Family [BABF08]
    Homer: (on the phone) Operator, get me Thailand. T-I- and so on.
    Marge: Homer, who are you calling?
    Homer: Everybody! I found Burnsie's address book. I called the New York Yankees and told them to bunt and then I called the Queen of England and asked her how it was going and then I--
    Marge: Well, don't run up Mr. Burn's phone bill.
    Homer: Just a second, Marge. (on the phone) Hello? Thailand? How's everything on your end? Uh huh. That's some language you've got there. (chuckling) And you talk like that 24/7, huh?

[At the end of the blog is a link to a sound clip of Homer Simpson trying to call Thailand.]

A Thai character on The Simpsons!

Season 12 has two episodes with Thai references---there's even a new Thai character. Too bad he seems more Japanese than Thai (he teaches Bart ninja moves) and speaks with a generic "oriental" accent.

Lisa the Tree Hugger [CABF01]
Bart goes to at a Thai restaurant called "You Thai Now" to ask for a job.
    Thai restaurant guy: You need job? I have job for you. (he hands Bart a stack of menus with cutouts to hang on doorknobs) You take these. You hang Thai menu on door. I get more business. Send daughters to small, liberal arts college. Swathmore. Maybe, Sarah Lawrence. Call professors by first name. Ah, dynamite!
    Bart: Hang 'em on the door. Got it!
Bart tries to hang the menus, but people chase him away from their doors, so Bart throws the menus in a dumpster. The Thai restaurant owner runs up.
    Thai restaurant guy:You quitter. Quitter boy! Quitter boy!
    Bart: I'm sorry.
    Thai restaurant guy:Now restaurant fail. Children go to state college. Serious students powerless against drunken jock-ocracy. Baseball hats everywhere.
    Bart: Hey, man. This job is too dangerous.
    Thai restaurant owner: Menu boy no be coward like shrimp. Menu boy be brave like prawn.
Inside the restaurant, a short stick with pegs on it stands in the middle of the room.
    Thai restaurant guy:Menu boy must move silently like ghost. Leave no footprint, only lunch special. Hey!
Bart runs to the stick and deftly leaves menus on all the pegs. Following scenes show the town littered with Thai menus. Lisa even finds a fish in the gutter stuck in a menu a la plastic soda can rings.

Selling the redwood
The Thai restaurant guy turns up again at a secret auction to sell Springfield's largest redwood tree. Bids are being made.
    Man: 30,000 dollars. To make cages for animal experiments.
    Thai restaurant guy: 50,000. For Thai menus. (he sits down and explains to man sitting beside him) Daughter on wait list at Bennington.

And later, in an unprecedented THIRD Thai reference, Lisa is sitting up in the giant redwood tree when she gets a thermos of "Thai soup" sent by Bart.

Homer vs. Dignity [CABF04]
Special thanks to Jan for pointing out the Thai reference that appears in the June 30, 2001 showing of Homer vs. Dignity. Smithers tells Mr. Burns he has written a play about the Malibu Stacey dolls and Burns replies, "A play about a doll? Why don't you write a play about cats or the King of Siam? Give it up, Smithers."

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