Blue Dragon – January 17, 2007

Gem scam story: Blue Dragon - January 17, 2007

A reader reports: Hello, I was recently in Thailand and managed to become another foolish tourist scammed in Thailand.  When I returned to Japan (I am a canadian currently teaching in Japan) I searched the internet for name Blue Dragon where I was directed to your website.  My heart sank as I began reading and realized I had been scammed for over 33,000 baht.  My story is identical as the others on the website, the pictures of where i was approached, visited, and finally scammed matched perfectly.  It all started when tried to enter the grand palace and was approached by a man who I thought was security (he was wearing I.d. and was standing with a policeman) and he told me it was only open to thai in the afternoon however because it was New Year's Day (2007) however, I was very lucky because I could visit the happy buddha.  He then talked to the tuktuk driver and told me it would be 40 baht all day.  This was my first ride in a tuktuk so I just assumed they were very cheap. 

At the happy buddha the tuktuk driver was very friendly then had to go to the bathroom.  I then met a man who spoke English very well and drove a nice car and claimed to be businessman here for a very special sale that happened only on New Years which matched the government employees story so I (being gullible) believed it.  I went to Blue Dragon next where I was led to the VIP room.  They are extremely professional as they don't pressure you to buy anything yet say the right things that make you want to.  I was told of how the blue sapphire mines were closing this year and the value will increase significantly.  In the end I bought a blue sapphire for 108,500 baht.  I will try to scan all the receipts and paperwork as well as business cards.  Thank you very much for your informative website because I would have never thought anything of it until I went to Tokyo to try and resell it at Mikimoto Jewellers as I was told I could...

Again I can't thank you enough for the information you provide on your website.  I felt so foolish and embarrassed because I was warned not to get scammed however, from now on I will research the scams before going to a foreign country or just spend 20 dollars and pickup a lonely planet guide.   But it's a little more comforting to know I am not the only one out there.

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