SNP Jewelry – December 27, 2006


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A reader reports: I would just like to inform you about the recent change in name for SSS. I was in Bangkok for 3 days at the end of the December as part of my big OE. The story is pretty similar to those described in all the articles that I have found on Essentially met a nice person who claims that he is a tourist from another part of Thailand near Wat Po. Had a really good conversation and suggested that I should go to a few other temples that had less tourists. Helped me hailed down a tuktuk with the advise that white plated ones are "legal" while yellow plated ones had "no licence" (which I found out later was a lie). Also suggested SNP export for jewelery, got a bit suspicious then but wasn't planning to even bother going there so left it as that.

At the 2nd temple met a man claiming to be the owner for workers doing restoration work on the temple. Stated his name was Wang. Very well spoken Thai with an American accent. Claimed he was a chef from America but came back to run family operations. He was very smooth talker and didn't metion anything about jewelery shops until he asked where I was going and I showed him my map that the initial con artist had also labeled SNP on it.

Then he tells me wow, no one except Thais know about this place as it sells cheap and that how he used to fund his travelling during his student years. We then said our goodbye but shortly met another younger person stating he's Indonesian living in the UK and had a British accent. Saying he was visiting friends in Bangkok and one thing led to another and it was how cheap SNP was... followed by showing me his recipt for his purchase this time round. Eventually ended up at the shop and very stupidly bought a ring for 50000 baht.

I kept on thinking about the unusual events and had a very chilling feeling about the whole thing. Eventually I found this site as searches for SNP yielded nothing. I almost fainted when I saw the photo of SSS as this is SNP!! And looking thru the photos I see that it was the person in photo 3 and 21 on that spoke to me. Really leaves a very sour taste for the last leg of my trip and I doubt that I will ever return there again.

Considering I was also scamed by the taxi driver on the way out to the airport as he refused to use the meter then stating it's broken and wouldn't open the trunk (as the stupid door man stuffed my luggage in the trunk before I could negotiate a price for the taxi) and was going to cost me the full price for driving 10 meters in the traffic jam!! I'm sure most Thais are very nice and hard working but these few bad bugs really ruins the whole experience. It isn't cost effective to fly all the way from New Zealand to Bangkok (including other costs) just to try and get whatever refunds I could. It would be nice to try Suchat Sinrat's at internal affairs office if you could let me know what his email is.

The current shop runs by the name SNP jewelery Limited Partnership at 386 Visuttikasat Road, Banpantom, Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200. Tel 026295767, 026285768. Interestingly, the credit card recipt is issued by Bangkok bank and is actually adressed to SNP rather than a gold shop as mentioned on many of the articles. This is probably I suspect they have only very recently changed names.

I just want to let the word out so that if people search SNP they will be able to find out about the scam and the great website you have much more quickly.

More on the Gem Scam & maps to the scam stores

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