Blue Dragon lawsuit – December 7, 2004

Last August, I was stolen 829 AUD by Blue Dragon by its well-organized gem scam. I reported my case to 2Bangkok, and my story is still posted on your web as the latest scam from Blue Dragon on September 30... Many thanks for your support to fight against this crime, which is embarrassing and damaging for Thai tourism.

In my case, I found out about the scam about 3 hours after I visited Blue Dragon. I called my bank, ANZ Bank, to report the scam and to unauthorize the transfer from my credit card. Recently, ANZ Bank yielded to Blue Dragon's bank in Thailand, and transfer the money to this scam shop.

I decided to bring both ANZ Bank and Blue Dragon to Australian court under Australia's Trade Practices Act 1974, which requires that Australian banks charge back the foreign scam shop to protect wronged consumers if the transaction is a scam. Also under Australian, and as far as I know, Thai contract law, the purchase contract between me and Blue Dragon is void because of misrepresentation...

More on the Gem Scam & maps to the scam stores

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