Yindee Lapidary Co. Ltd – October 25, 2003

Yindee Lapidary Co. Ltd - October 25, 2003
To: Person-in-charge

I am writing this email with regards to a gem scam that I am personally involved. On October 23 2003, I flew to Bangkok for my travel with friend.

On 25th Oct morning, we took a taxi from Bangkok Palace Hotel to World Trade Center. Upon reaching World Trade Center, we were approached by a Thai claiming that he was a lawyer based in World Trade Center and told us that the day was the lucky Buddha day and that we should go to the temple. He asked us where from and we told him that we were from Hong Kong. He said he has been Hong Kong before for traveling. He said there was a Export Gems Store which was only opened to public once a year and said the day is the last day of public sales. He recommend us to there after shopping around. After a short brief of him, he even asked a tuk tuk driver to drive us to the temple and the Gems Store named Yindee Lapidary Co. Ltd. which was close to our hotel – Bangkok Palace Hotel.

Once we reached the temple and went inside, we were approached by another Thai saying that he is a pilot and told us that he has just brought gems from a wholesale gem store that was having a special promotion where they sold gems at wholesale prices to public. he provided us with the address of the Gems Store and showed us the receipt of his gems. He said it was able to resell it up to double price in another city of Thailand. He then offered to bring us to get some blessings from a monk. At the place where we obtained blessings from the monk, we were again approached by another man who claimed the same thing. Just before we left, this man told the tuk tuk driver to bring us to this gem store.

Upon reaching the gem store (Yindee Lapidary Co. LTD, 1091/75-77 Petchburi Rd. Soi 33, Makasan Bangkok 10400 Thailand. Tel: 253-1540-1 Fax: 651-6784), we were told the same story about them being a wholesaler and that they were having a special promotion where they sold to the public at wholesale prices. So, we bought two rings and one neck pendant of gems.
When we got back to Hong Kong, we found that the gems did not worth the prices of what we paid. Upon knowing this and from research done on the Internet, we concluded that we were cheated. In fact that was a posting at: http://www.2bangkok.com/2bangkok/Scams/sapp31.shtml that is similar to our experience.

We are the first time to Thailand in the hopes of having a wonderful trip and now the whole experience has been overshadowed by this incident. We were very disappointed that such things happened to us and the local authorities did not inform us of such scams. We really love visiting Thailand very much but this experience had made us to think differently now and it also affected our relationship.

Therefore we sincerely hope that the 2Bangkok.com will be able to help to investigate this matter by getting a refund from the shop if not advise us on the steps that we take to settle this problem. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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