Blue Dragon – May 17, 2004

Latest report from Blue Dragon - May 17, 2004

A victim of the scam reports: ...I decided to come to your beautiful country for holiday. I was enjoying your culture and having a fantastic time until my last day. I was walking down the street near your tourist palace, and two friendly gentlemen walked up to me. They began to discuss with me how I should see the various markets and beaches, as well as ask me about sites in my country. They told me of a couple places that "I couldn't miss my last day in Bangkok." They began to say that it was a very special day for tourists, "It was the only day tourists are able to go see the Sleeping Buddha." I was very interested so they called a tuk tuk over to take me there and on a little tour for only 10 Baht. I thanked them and got on the tuk tuk to head over to Sleeping Buddha. I was walking around inside where the reside and I was approached by a kind man that said he was a teacher there. He gave me a long history lesson and again began to say that it was a very special day for tourists to see secret Thai temples and also buy gems tax free wholesale. He said I must go to the Blue Dragon Factory Export Center Co.,LTD (Look-Luang Road, Mananak, Dutsit, Bangkok 10300 Thailand) to buy some gems for my mother. He said they are a fraction of the cost that they are in my country. Me being very trusting because of us being in a secret temple believed the man. I headed up the street to the Blue Dragon store and proceeded to purchase a ring and bracelet for my mother and girlfriend for 103,000 Baht. They even gave me certificates and a car to ride around town for the rest of the day. I even told the nice driver at the end of the day that Thais are much more friendly and polite than Americans, and now I understand why he frowned from guilt. I got home and showed my friend who owns a jewelry store and he told me that I had been deceived. The value is 1/10th of what was paid for the jewelry. This is the first time in my life I have ever been made to feel so betrayed by another person. I don't expect you to do anything about this I just thought that I would inform you of my distaste and also thought you could maybe write an article to inform other tourists to be very aware of this very unpleasant mishap from occurring to them. I wish that I wanted to come back to Bangkok but I don't know if I could ever bring myself to do so. I hope you at least make more people aware of this scam somehow.

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