Burapa Lapidary Co. Ltd.

Burapa's business registration

A Burapa receipt

Burapa Lapidary Co. Ltd - March 28, 2002

Dear 2Bangkok Team,

You have been doing a great job, thanks a lot.

I was scammed in Bangkok on March 28, 2002 by the shop named Burapa Lapidary, located at 164 DamRong Rak Rd, KlongMaha Nak Sub PomPrab Dist. Unfortunately, the shop was closed soon afterwards and I was not able to get the refund as all the jewelry from the shop had been confiscated by the police. At least that’s what they told me. Then the shop reopened under a different name Thai Manee, 165-167 Tanao Rd., Bowon Niwet, Bangkok 10200. I had to come back home but... another victim of the same shop, carried on with my case. Owing to the complete lack of cooperation of the Tourist Police and other Thai authorities, he achieved nothing.

Burapa's manager

Below: a police "Jewelry Complaint Form" with the delightful final question: "What do you want the police to do for you?"

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