Attempted scam at Yindee Lapidary

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Attempted scam at Yindee Lapidary - November 2, 2002
Remember this address: Yindee Lapidary Co. Ltd, Petchburi Rd. Soi 33, Makasan, Bangkok.

From an email we received: We arrived in October 2002 in Bangkok (tired after a long haul flight)and were strolling around Sukkothet. A tuk-tuk driver approached us and offered a sight-seeing tour for 80 Bath. (one hour). We agreed. First, we visited the temple of the lucky budda. Standing in the temple, a elegant looking thai entered and prayed. Afterwards, he commenced the conversation asking where we come from. He said that he is an attorney and works for the Government and that he will travel tomorrow to London. Out of his elegant briefcase he produced a receipt for jewellery, bought in the Yiandee Lapidary Export center. He further argued that today is the last day of the annual sales week, where Yiandee grants generous discounts. A client is entitled to buy one piece of jewellery only. Furthermore, he said that he will sell the jewellery in London for the double prize and that he regularly takes jewellery to Europe selling it with huge profits.
We decided to have a short look and the tuk-tuk driver dropped us off at Yiandee Lapidary Co. Ltd, Petchbury Rd. Soi 33, Makasan, Bangkok.
In the shop, my wife looked at a bracelet for 100.000 Bath. The sales person offered a discount of 43%, putting our attention to the fact that we would have to pay the double price in Europe. We asked for some time to discuss. The sales person said that the sales will stop in one hour and that we will have to pay a much higher price later. We walked away. During the visit of the next temple, an other person spoked to us producing also a receipt from Yiandee. He said that he is also travelling frequently to Europe in order to sell the pieces with profit.
After arrival at home, we looked at these pages, especially the article in Bangkok Post of 22 July 2002. We were really lucky not having bought somethingt at Yiandee. In the past, we travelled really a lot and have a great experience with touters of all kind. But the honest approach of the Thai touters in a temple was a new experience. We stayed for two days in Bangkok, this was our first visit in Thailand (not the first one in South East Asia). Due to this experience it is very unlikely that we will ever come back to Thailand.

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