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Mahachai Gem Scam Shop - October 19, 2002
Remember this address: 27-29 Soi Chalemket 2, U-kol 1 Street, Thepsirim, Pomprabsatrupai.

From an email: I've recently returned to the US from Bangkok, and I was involved in a scam involving Mahachai, the jewelry shop, and Hang Thong Thong Bai, the gold shop. I was taken by a Tuk Tuk driver and was persuaded to buy some saphire jewelry by an American tourist at a temple called Wat Suthat. The same process that always happens occured. Once the set of jewelry was chosen, I was taken to Hang Thong Thong Bai to purchase gold with my credit card that supposedly was worth what the jewelry was worth. I was pressured and coerssed during the entire process. The purchase went through, and the jewelry was sent home like most incidences. While in Thailand, I filed criminal cases through the tourist police and the Department of Commerce. At this point, I'm still waiting for something to happen. The jewelry scam took place on August 13th, 2002 in Bangkok. I spent 3 extra weeks filling out paper work and going to court to try and put these crooks in prison. I hope my time and effort pays off. You have my permission to post everything that I have said above. I've scanned the receipt from the gold shop and the business card of the jewelry shop.... Thanks a lot.

This scam shop previously operated under the names Benjarong, U-Thong, and Chalermkeht.

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