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August 9, 2002

Dear sir;

I was in your country for an holiday and became a victim of the gemscam, i’ve never heard of it before but when I got home I found out that the jewelry’s I’ve bought were fake I searched on the internet en found out that a lot of people were victims as well

The shop were I bought the jewelry is called Vandee gems in Bangkok I spend for $1000 on some fake jewelry

I also have seen that more people were cheated by the same company so I don’t understand why the thai government is doing nothing against those people

I don’t think I will ever come to Thailand again and I’ve talked to my family and friends and they will think twice now before visiting your country as well because the gemscan is not the only bad thing what is happening in Thailand I think there are a lot of people who want to rip off tourists with all kind of tricks

I’m sorry to tell you that I will advise all my friends and family to avoid your country and go to neighbouring countries like Vietnam and laos were tourists will get better treatment (that’s my experience)

I send you the receipts and business cards from the scam shop and hope that you can do something about it although I really doubt about it

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