Universal Gems and Jewelry Export Co. Ltd. (Final Scam)

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Gem Scam Report: Universal Gems and Jewelry Export Co. Ltd. (Final Scam)
May 12, 2002

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you to tell how stupidly I was cheated!!

When I arrived near Sao Chin Cha, I decided to go to Gland Palace, then I asked a man, who was just standing near me with his friend, how to go there. At first I did not know he was a driver. He said "Gland Palace is not open at the moment, so I offer you a lift only 20B for 1 or 2 hours." It sounded fishy to me, because I had read such trouble on the web, so I asked him why it was so cheap. He said he could get ESSO coupon. At that time I did not understand what he meant. He said "I will take you to some temples and silk shop and jewelry shop." I insisted I would not go to such shops, but he said "you don't have to buy it. It is up to you."Then he circled where to go in my map.

First we went to to the temple where there are standing, sitting and big belly Buddha. I walked around, then a man started to talk to me. I thought it was a good idea to ask him whether I can trust Tuk Tuk driver. He said "Are you going to the silk shop? (seeing my map) I bought a suits this morning because today is the last day of big discount. I have a members card.(showing me a card) With this card I can buy everything 20% off." After the driver took me to the silk shop. I did not buy any. The name was V-something. Maybe Venus??

Next, he took me to the temple. It was closed. I met an American man who was traveling in Thailand and talked to me. I do not think he was one of culprits, but he said today was the last day of good offer, so Tuk Tuk is very cheap. At first I was very suspicious to a driver. But I became to believe "Today is holiday, so some temples close in the morning or evening! Today is the special day because of Royal Family Day!”

Next, he took me to another temple. There was a huge Buddha, 40M. I wanted to make sure whether what the driver said was true or not, so I was listening to conversation between a Thailand man and an American couple. He said today is special day, so some temples open, some are not.

Then we headed for a jewelry shop. I do not remember the name. It was a quite small shop. I did not buy any. After that we went to the Chinese temple. When I entered inside, a woman was praying and taught me how to pray and left there. In few minutes, when I was about to leave there she came back with a man. He tried me to stay there, then conversation began. When I said I was Japanese, he started speaking Japanese fluently. I can speak English to some extent, so at first I talked to him in English. He said "My mother is from Thai, father is Japanese and lives in Tokyo." I asked him why the driver could get ESSO coupon or whether today is holiday. He taught the system. It was like that;

?Today is the last special offer day.

If Tuk Tuk drivers take tourists jewelry shop, they can get ESSO coupon from the government, because the government want tourists to buy more jewelry with reasonable price.

The government levies 195% tax on jewelry, but until today you can get jewelry without tax.

He have bought a jewel about 300,000 yen then went to Japan to sell it to where the jewelry

shop introduced to him. He sold it for 600,000 yen.

His aunt bought a lot of jewelry during special offer, then went to Europe to sell them. She went well.

He asked me whether I watched this commercial on TV.

He said I could trust the driver. Nobody has no intention of cheating me.

I trusted what he said completely, because I did not think Japanese did not cheat Japanese.

After that, we went to the jewelry shop, UNIVERSAL GEMS & JEWELRY EXPORT CO., LTD.

At first I was not interested in jewelry, but I completed believed that the government was running. In the shop, a Thai woman was buying a set of jewel and said to me “This is the second time I have bought jewel at this shop. When I bought the jewel last time I went to Switzerland to sell it and earn a lot of money.” She was filling in the documents.

When I decided which jewel I buy, a woman and a driver took me to ATM. I needed 115,000B, but I could withdraw only 90,000B. It was limitation. The woman was a bit nervous. Then we went back to the shop, I paid money and filled in the documents. A man who are charged of the shop said to me, “We will send you your jewel by EMS. When you receive it, the shop you choose will contact you when I can sell it to the shop. You can get 180,000B worth yen.” Unfortunately I do not have EMS sending copy.

Next, I left the shop with a man who was a driver. The car was Honda, White, Sedan car. He took me to a temples and shopping centre. He told me he was going to Germany to work with German boss for BMW. He showed me the boss’s photo. Then we went to the express way and went to the restaurant which the jewelry shop had contracted with. He took me to the airport. Then I asked him to tell me his e-mail address and his address. He started to write them but he said he could not. I thought Thai people cannot spell well because they write Thai language we cannot read and write. At the airport I took his photo.

I am in panic now. I cannot get enough sleep and lost a lot of weight. I hope next victim never appear. Do you think I had better go back to Bangkok and visit at the tourist police? I called the tourist police but they said just "Go back to Bangkok, then negotiate with the boss of the gem store." I could not believe it!!

I will attach a picture of one of culprits photo.

May 12, 2002
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I got reply from Mr. Manat saying he could not help me because the shop had closed down!!!
He said all he could do is that he is going to bring my case to the Court for criminal case. But I have to appear in the Court as a main witness. I cannot get long holiday, so it seem to be difficult. I might be going back Bangkok. I do not know at the moment.

The man in the photo is the one who took me to the temples, restaurant and the airport after cheated me. He said he was Chinese, but I do not know.

I was planning to go to Malaysia in June, but now I am so scared of going abroad.

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