Thai Mikimoto Export Co. Ltd. III

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Thai Mikimoto Export Co. Ltd. III
January 11, 2002
From a letter we received:

Dear Sir,

I just got back from Thailand last night and found out this morning that i have been tricked as well. Here is my situation which is probably similar to all others listed. I was on my way to Pratunam market for shopping. A person introduced himself as a policeman and told us that Pratunam will be opening later as it is a public holiday and asked us head towards the Lucky Buddha Temple.

We stopped at the temple where another person who introduced himself as an employee in customs department and he told us Thai government is promoting tourism and jeweler business and that it was the last day to buy the jewllery and each by tourist can only buy one set. We later met another person who told us to buy Thai jewels, which we can sell at home at double the price. We thought since they are in a temple, they should be honest people as they wouldn't lie in a sacred place. When we left the temple and head wanted to head towards other shopping centres as we thought we do not want to take risks, the Tuk Tuk driver took us to Thai Mikimoto instead, we thought well, since we are here why not have a look.

Watch out for the infamous Mr. Sompong--the police are powerless to stop him!

The people arrange for us to withdraw our money using our credit card and even arrange for a tour to take us around for one day buying us dinner. We still had our doubts until we met a foreigner (a Spanish man) in the shop who claimed that he was a repeat customer and actually bought another set, in fact all this was an act! We bought jewels worth 104,000 baht in total. I am now back in Singapore and still hoping that I could get my refund back. I saw a similar case listed in the website and was wondering if they manage to get the refund back and is it safe to turn to the Internal Trade department? Please advise, thank you very much.

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