Thai Mikimoto Export Co. Ltd. I

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Thai Mikimoto Export Co. Ltd. I
December 18, 2001
From a letter we received:

Dear Sir,

I am on my way to MBK market for shopping. A person introduced himself as a government employee and asked us to purchase Thai products in Thailand and directed us to Export zone. He helped us in hiring a tuk tuk.

We stopped at a temple where another person who introduced himself as an employee in tourism department told us Thai government is promoting tourism and jeweler business by selling tourists 3 pieces of ornaments per head.

We later met another person who told us to buy Thai jewels, which we can later sell in other countries at double the price.

The series of stories has a lot of influence on us. We then went to the so called export zone where there is a big jeweler store. We brought jewels worth 80,000 baht. We are now back to our country and came to know this is all a big scam.

I read your articles and would have appreciated if I read this before my journey to Thailand.

I would like to know if the chance of getting back money has improved so that I can get my money back.

Thanks and Regards,
[name withheld]

The purchase details are as below:
Company: Thai Mikimoto Export Co. Ltd.
68 Teethong Road,
Bangkok 10200
Ph : 0-2622-0148, 0-2622-0149
Contact Person: Peter
Date of purchase: 15th Dec. 2001.

UPDATE: December 23, 2001 - Thanks for posting the article. Your advice worked. Mr. Manat asked us to send the gems so that he can get back the money. Thanks for your support and advice. The attached are the receipts we received from mikimoto jewelers.

Thai Mikimoto scam account I (December 18, 2001)
Thai Mikimoto scam account II (January 10, 2002)
Thai Mikimoto scam account III (January 11, 2002)
Thai Mikimoto scam account IV (January 22, 2002)

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