Gem scam account: Not Again

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Gem scam account: Not Again... - October, 2000
Still more victims of the Gem scam come forward... (It appears that TGJ Thai Center Co., Ltd has reopened as the Blue Sapphire Gem Co., Ltd. at the same address!)

    My name is (name withheld) and I was just reading your articles on the blue sapphire gem scams.  I have just returned from my vacation in Thailand yesterday and I too fell victim to the same scam listed in these articles. I was sure of it the day after I purchased the jewelry and I went to the Tourist Police.  Needless to say I wasn't able to do anything in time before I returned back home to the United States.  I am in the process of having the jewelry appraised and I know it will not be worth anywhere near what I paid for it.  I was reading the new article you have posted which says the TGJ Thai Center Co., Ltd is currently being investigated but they closed down their shop and are presumed to have opened under a new name.  I believe the shop that scammed me may be this same shop.  In looking at the copy of the certificate of authenticity for the jewelry, the guarantee reads word for word as the one that was given to me.  Also, I do not have the business card with me (it is at home) but I believe the address of the TGJ Thai Center Co., Ltd. is the same as the address of the shop I bought from which is called the Blue Sapphire Gem Co., Ltd.
    When I went to the Tourist Police they actually brought in the Assistant Manager of the store and I spoke to him for a while.  He said without the jewelry in hand he could only give me 10,000 Baht...I paid 80,000 Baht.  So he put in writting that if I had it appriased at home and it wasn't worth what I paid he would make up the difference.  But of course now that I am back in the US I don't know what I can do about it. Is there any way you can help me? Or how can I further pursue this? I can write again with further details of how I was scammed and the names of the jewelry store employees if it will help any.
Thank you very much.

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