Quantum Pendant..SCALAR ENERGY

Latest scam: Quantum Pendant.....SCALAR ENERGY - December 3, 2008

Nils reports: I actually got this URL from Thai TV (don't remember which channel), where three times already during the last month or so, I have noticed some weird kind of infomercial involving some quack 'treating' people with a metal tool (a cross between a spoon and a spatula), going over their face and neck (as if spreading butter on a bread) to straighten their skin with 'instant success'.

Quantum Pendant.....SCALAR ENERGY    
The Thai name เหรียญพลังศุภมงคล  means something like 'Auspicious Energy Medallion'.
[Great Honour International Co., Ltd.
2991/19 Wisutthani Hi-Tech Office Bldg.
Latprao Rd, Khlong Chan, Bangkapi, BKK 10240]
02-370-3270 , 02-370-2921
E-mail : [email protected]

They write they are a reseller a Malaysian (-Chinese) site - "Scalar Energised RVT: The anti-ageing solution".

FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces scalar energy that helps to enhance the body’s biofield. The Quantum Pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant helps one to maintain health and well-being.

Wear it on a chain or carry it in your pocket. The scalar energy from the pendant works outwardly and within the body. Outwardly scalar energy enhances the body’s biofield. Inwardly it works to facilitate cell permeability and thereby enhances the many physiological functions of the cells in the body.

Health Benefits
    * Reduces inflammation
    * Promotes unclumping of cells
    * Enhances circulation
    * Enhances immune and endocrine systems
    * Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
    * Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification
    * Enhances cellular permeability
    * Increases energy
    * Helps to protect DNA from damage
    * Helps to retard the ageing process
    * Helps to fight cancer cells
    * Strengthens the body’s biofield preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health
    * Increases focus and concentration
For a more comprehensive understanding of scalar energy, please refer to the book “Optimum Energy for Peak Performance with Scalar Energy”, written by Dr. Siva Poobalasingam MD and Nisha Lakshmanan MA (published by FusionExcel International).

FusionExcel’s Quantum Flasks is a Stainless Steel Flask enhanced with Scalar Energy. R & D studies shows that energy from the Quantum Flask is capable of restructuring water molecules into smaller clusters. The smaller clusters of water enhance the bio-availability of water in the body thus promoting the various physiological functions in the body complex.

Properties of energized water
Water energized by this flask carries subtle energy vibrations that enhance the body’s biofield. This is essential for one’s health and wellness. This type of water has smaller water clusters and this makes water more bio-available. Hence the absorption of nutrients and detoxification at the most basic level is facilitated and enables water to carry its myriad of functions effectively.

Simply fill up the Quantum Flask with normal drinking water. After a few minutes the water will be energized and is ready for consumption. Water from the Quantum Flask can also be used to wash open wounds and infected parts of the skin. Water used in this manner helps to relieve pain and hastens the healing process.

It goes on and on.... Really classic charlatanry!

Thailand Products & Services Price List
QP100A      FusionExcel Quantum Pendant Starter Pack     6,250.00      
QS100A      FusionExcel Quantum Bracelet Starter Pack     6,600.00      
QQ100A      FusionExcel Quantum Flask Starter Pack     6,650.00

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